€2020 Cashback Race Waits You at Gambola Casino!


New year, new decade and yet another new reason to check out interesting new casino from last year, Gambola. It’s time to put your goggles on and start racing!

Do you have it what it takes to be on the pole position in Gambola’s exciting 2020 cashback race? The idea is as simple as it gets. Just play any of the hundreds of games at casino or live casino and you’re in. The more you play, the better your chances of getting a nice cut of the prize pool.

The race is divided into 4 parts and every week the top 50 players in the leaderboard will share pot that is fully 100% cash without any wagering requirements or other terms. So how to make the list? The list is based on how much cashback you have generated during the race period as every player at Gambola Casino has an automatic cashback.

Prize Pool

It is not fixed as it is calculated based on the total amount of cashback generated during the week. However, the balance always starts from €2020 and after the pile has stacked even, it will start growing. So for example if during a period the total cashback generated is €1,990, the winners will still share that €2020 starting balance. If the total cashback generated during the period is €9,990 then the players in the top 50 will share the whole amount.

Increase Your Chances With Point Boost

Wouldn’t like a head start in race? You have the chance to score some extra points compared to your competition as with Gambola Plus Cashback Boost’s will also increase your race score. With these random boosts you can earn double points but you have to stay alert. These special hours are taking place between 7PM – 9PM but which day? That is a secret… So to ensure your not missing out go and check Gambola every day during this prime time as this is the only way to score those “easy” points.

Campaign Periods

1st period: 09.1 – 13.1

2nd period: 16.1 – 20.1

3rd period: 23.1 – 27.1

4th period: 30.1 – 3.2

Remember Gambola’s Welcome Bonus!

This is pretty much no brainer. You can try out this fabolous new casino with a 100% risk free welcome offer. Double your first deposit or get your money back up to €40. Meaning you have the chance to walk away with extra 40€ or you’ll receive a full cash refund. So in this case you really only have the chance to win as the risk of loss is fully eliminated.

Remember also that Gambola organises exciting campaigns and promotions on a weekly basis and revolutionary Gambola Plus cashback system makes your gaming more rewarding than ever before.