We like to be transparent and honest in everything we do so here we are clarifying you what are the cookies we use and for what purposes. Hopefully after this you’d undestand better why, how and when we use them and how they affect your session.

In order for our site to function properly and so that we are able to offer our services, we are using first and third party cookies, advertising tags and device detecting features among other technical solutoins. These are quite handy tools for us to see how the site works and how the visitors are experiencing it which will help us to enhance and develop our page and services to visitors.

What is a cookie?

Cookie is a small piece of data usually locating on your device (computer, smart phone, tablet...) that is sent to the servers with an individualized tag that is saved on your device’s  browser memory. 

How do we use cookies?

Some cookies are vital to our site so that we can keep offering you our services for example so that you can even browse our site like it is meant to be. If you do not allow the cookies your visit might be disrupted or the site will not work properly. These cookies do not collect any data on your behaviour or likings meaning this data cannot be used for marketing purposes etc.

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies on our site to track your preferences when you visit us such as your language or geographic location so that we can offer you services in your own language and you can find information regarding your own location.

Performance cookies

These cookies help us to keep improving our website as we can control the download speeds and broadband width so that your device don’t have to download the same data all over again on every visit. All of this data gathering is anonymous and collective so one cannot be individualised based on this data. If you disallow these cookies, your device needs to download more data every time you visit thus making the visit slower and possibly disfunctional.

Analytics cookies

We do use Google Analytics that is maybe the most used web analytics service globally. Google is using this information to evaluate how visitors use the page and to conduct reports based on that data. We use this information in order to improve our site both technically and from the perspective of user experience.

Data is always collective and the information Google Analytics provides is based on large trends rather than individual behaviour. These trends are used to develop our service and platform and to make the page perform better. To be more spesific, the data contains information such as number of visits, time of visit and which pages and sub-pages visitors go to.

Marketing cookies

In order to improve our services we use marketing cookies with third parties so that we can offer you better content based on your likings and interests. Out service providers provide us cookies and other tracking tools so that you can get exactly the services and offers you’ve been advertised.

How to change my cookies settings?

You can choose what cookies you’d like to use and what not. It is advised to use all of them so that the site will work as it has been planned to. Disabling cookies can lead to worse user experience and all features and functions might not be available to use. 

If you do wish to modify your cookies settings you can find instructions and settings from your online browser’s management and control center.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our cookies policy or cookies in general you can always get in touch with out Data Protection Officer at dpo@list.casino.