Ecopayz is fastly becoming one of the most popular payment service for online casino deposits and withdrawals. We have listed all the best Ecopayz Casinos that support this superb e-wallet.

While the list of EcoPayz casinos continues to grow, more online gamblers are looking for information about how this platform works. In the sections below, we will address these questions. We will also provide a guide about the EcoPayz platform and EcoPayz casinos.

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Ecopayz: Payments for Over 20 Years

For more than 20 years, EcoPayz has been working to create a reputation as one of the finest money transfer platforms in the world. Today, EcoPayz is a trusted name all over the world.

EcoPayz (formerly known as EcoCard until 2013) is a registered trademark operating under the name of PSI-Pay Ltd. The company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Also, the company does business under the guidelines as set forth by the Electronic Money Regulations of 2011.

Given its appeal to online gamblers in Europe, EcoPayz has become a popular banking option that online casinos are proud to list among their top deposit/withdrawal options. Today, hundreds of online casinos and sportsbooks all over Europe and some other parts of the world are allowing customers to bank with them through the EcoPayz system.

How Does EcoPayz Work?

EcoPayz operates as a standard eWallet deposit and withdrawal option for merchants, service providers, and EcoPayz casinos all over the world. By way of comparison, the system works very much in the same way as the PayPal platform.

Ecopayz Casinos

To get started, customers need to open an EcoPayz eWallet account. They can do that through the EcoPayz website @ The process for opening an account is free, fast, and easy (see below for specific information).

Once a customer has established their EcoPayz account, they can immediately fund their account from a variety of sources. While making payments with EcoPayz is free, funding the account could cost customers up to 9%, depending on the funding method they choose.

The two most popular ways of funding an EcoPayz eWallet account is via bank transfer or credit/debit card. Depending on the customer's banking institution, bank wires could run as high as 9% of the amount the customer is transferring. While the cost may seem prohibitive, the transactions can be processed as fast as a bank can get them out. Credit/debit card funding could result in charges of between 1.5% and 3.0% of the transaction amount, again depending on the card issuer. In both cases, customers should have access to their deposit funds within minutes of their transactions getting approval.

Once the EcoPayz eWallet account has been funded, customers can begin making purchases with any merchants or service providers that are willing to accept EcoPayz transactions. At EcoPayz casinos, initiating banking transactions is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons and entering an amount. The money arrives within minutes, and the customer can thereafter begin placing real cash online casino bets.

Instructions on Opening an EcoPayz Account

As we indicated above, the process for opening an EcoPayz account is free, fast, and easy. To open an account, follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click on "sign up"
  • 3. You will be prompted to enter your email address and establish an account password
  • 4. Enter all personal information like name. address, ID information, etc.

Note: Some online casinos will take customers directly to the EcoPayz websites for account registration when they choose the EcoPayz icon.

If you wish to simply give EcoPayz a try, you are ready to go at this point of the registration process. Without going through the system's verification process, you can fund your EcoPayz account and begin using it immediately to pay merchants, including EcoPayz casinos. However, the basic EcoPayz account comes with a lifetime transaction limit of $3,000. After hitting the lifetime limit, the account would immediately be placed on hold.

If you wanted to remove all limits on the account, you would want to go through the account verification process. You would need to provide two uploaded documents, a government issue Photo ID, and one that confirms your address (bank statement or utility bill). Once EcoPayz receives and verifies your account information, the limits would be lifted. Then, you would be free to use your EcoPayz account as you would any other credit/debit card or eWallet account.

As part of the EcoPayz system, customers are ranked based on the use of their EcoPayz accounts. There are five levels, which include:

  • Classic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP

Based on this ranking system, customers would get access to certain benefits and higher transaction limits for the higher-ranking accounts.

EcoPayz Deposits

With most online casinos, customers benefit from a system that online casinos keep easy to understand and use. When EcoPayz casinos are willing to accept EcoPayz as a viable deposit option, they provide the EcoPayz icon on the website's deposit or banking page.

For the customer's part, all they have to do is click on the EcoPayz icon, which takes them directly to an information page. On the information page, the customer has to provide their EcoPayz account name, EcoPayz account number, and the amount they wish to deposit. After entering in all required information, the customer is ready to submit their request.

As long as the customer has properly funded their EcoPayz eWallet, the transaction should go out. At that time, the money would be transferred to the customer's casino of choice. Transactions should be approved and the deposit made into the customer's casino account within minutes.

To reiterate, EcoPayz does not charge to send money to EcoPayz casinos as deposits. It's only at the funding level that EcoPayz customers might incur charges. It is possible that some online casinos will charge a small service fee to customers who choose the EcoPayz option.

EcoPayz Withdrawals

The EcoPayz withdrawal process is similar to the deposit process. The customer starts by going to the casino's banking page and selecting the EcoPayz icon under withdrawals. Again, they will enter the required information (EcoPayz account name, EcoPayz account number, and the amount they wish to withdraw, etc.) and press the submit button.

Before EcoPayz casinos will process any EcoPayz withdrawal requests, they must first go through the casino's own withdrawal protocols. With many online casinos, customers must submit documentation in support of their withdrawal requests. They are also required to go through a pending process. This is a time period the casino has established to allow customers to change their minds.

After clearing any documentation requests for the pending period requirements, EcoPayz withdrawals will go through the system. The money should be in the customer's EcoPayz eWallet account with 24 hours, usually a much shorter time.

As a reminder, the online casino and banking institutions might charge a small withdrawal processing fee.

The Advantages of Using EcoPayz

Before using the EcoPayz system, you might be wondering if there is any benefit to you doing so. The answer to that is yes, there are benefits you could derive by choosing the EcoPayz system.

As a case in point, here are a few of the benefits you could realize by using EcoPayz:

  • The EcoPayz system is a fast and easy way to send money anywhere in the world, especially for EcoPayz casinos
  • EcoPayz offers a high level of security for cash transfers
  • EcoPayz customers do qualify for casino bonuses
  • Deposit monies arrive within minutes and withdrawals should arrive within 24 hours
  • Customer can avoid providing credit card and bank account information to the casino. Also, total anonymity is available through each EcoPayz transaction regardless of the sender or receiver

As you can see, some of these benefits are quite meaningful. In one of the sections below, we will compare the EcoPayz payment platform with other platforms that customers might use as eWallet accounts.

International Payments

Ecopayz Payments

With top online casinos operating all over the globe, it works out well that the EcoPayz platform is widely accepted by merchants and service providers in many parts of the world.

As for EcoPayz casinos, the EcoPayz option is available mostly to customers from Europe and Canada. Customers in other European countries can also apply for the card and perhaps use it to fund their online casino accounts. Currently, there are just over 30 countries in Europe that widely accept EcoPayz as a payment option. EcoPayz will allow customers to transact business via the British Pound, the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, and the Canadian dollar. For other applicable currencies, customers will want to check with customer service at EcoPayz and their online casino of choice.

The EcoPayz platform is currently not available for customers or online gamblers who are living in the U.S. Also, EcoPayz is not going to be a viable deposit/withdrawal option for customers located in Asia or Australia/New Zealand.

EcoPayz Fees and Limits

As we mentioned above, EcoPayz does not charge a fee for its transactions. However, customers will be subject to fees that banks and EcoPayz casinos will typically charge for payment processing.

Remember, the fees may vary from one bank or online casino to another. It's incumbent on you as the customer to check on pricing before you initiate any EcoPayz transactions. As a general guideline, banks might charge as high as 9% of the transaction amount for bank wire transfers. On credit and debit card transactions, the card provider might charge between 1.5% to 3.0% of the transaction amount.

Information on any fees that EcoPayz casinos might charge should be available on the online casino's banking page. If the information is not readily available, customers should contact customer service for applicable fee information.

Warning: There is a hidden fee that you might incur from EcoPayz. When you set up your account, you will need to choose a default currency. If you ever decide to transfer money to a merchant or online casino in any other currency, you could be subject to a conversion fee from one currency to the other. Currency transaction fees could range between 1.25% and 2.99%, depending on your account ranking at the time of the transaction. To avoid this fee, you should make an effort to only transact business with your default currency.

As an additional reminder, you could be subject to a very small fee should you decide to pull out cash through any of the ATM systems.

Skrill and Neteller vs EcoPayz

In the past, Skrill (Moneybookers) and Neteller have ruled as the top eWallet casino options in the world. It has only been within the last few years that EcoPayz has been offering a meaningful challenge.

A review of all three transfer platforms reveals a lot of similarities. That would include processes, account set up, and speed of transactions. Also, all three platforms offer free transactions. However, there is one area where EcoPayz provides a valuable benefit that is not available with other eWallets.

With most of Europe's online casinos, welcome and reload bonuses are not available to customers who use Skrill and Neteller. However, bonuses are still available on deposits made through the EcoPayz system. That's a material difference that should motivate online gamblers to try the EcoPayz system. They might prefer it instead of going with Skrill or Neteller.

Heading into the future, it has become clear that online casinos are moving towards a banking system that relies heavily on digital transfer methods. For customers, this should serve to offer more privacy and a safer way to deposit cash. It should also facilitate faster access to online gambling activity.

How Does EcoCard Work?

Ecopayz Card

One of the extra benefits EcoPayz offers is access to the EcoPayz MasterCard. The EcoPayz Mastercard serves in the same way as a prepaid credit card. That allows customers to transact business anywhere that MasterCard transactions are acceptable. That includes allowing cardholders the ability to withdraw money through ATMs that accept the MasterCard logo.

Not only do cardholders have the ability to transact business online or through retail stores, but they may do so under a secure credit card system that is second to none. Bank card transactions fees are applicable.

By the way, EcoPayz now offers an Ecovirtualcard option. VISA is the managing platform for the ecovirtualcard option. The card is generally accepted anywhere that the VISA logo is listed. While the EcoCard MasterCard is a physical card, the Visa option has no physical presence. Customers simply receive a 16-digit card numbers and VVC security numbers through their email addresses. This option is currently available to customers in 31 member states of the EU.

EcoPayz on Mobile Casinos

In recent years, online gamblers in Canada and Europe have been turning to their mobile devices to enjoy their online gambling activities. In an effort to follow current trends, many of the EcoPayz casinos are now offering customer access through mobile devices.

For the benefit of mobile casino customers, most of the online casinos that accept EcoPayz are allowing customers to access the platform through mobile devices that are compatible with the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. After a review of a few online casino sites, it seems clear that the fee structures and transaction limits are the same. They are the same whether customers are using their PCs or mobile devices.

For customers who want mobile access, EcoPayz and many of the top EcoPayz casinos are offering free apps. Apps are available through The Apple App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Once a customer has successfully downloaded their mobile apps, they should be able to use the EcoPayz system.

EcoPayz Review

In summary, EcoPayz is a well-established online payment system. The product has been available for over 20 years to customers in Europe and now Canada.

While offering a high level of security over transactions, customers can use the EcoPayz system without concerns. They need not worry about their personal information falling into the wrong hands.

The process for securing an EcoPayz account is fast and easy. Within four simple steps, a new customer should be able to open and fund their account with a bank transfer or credit/debit card transaction. Once the customer funds their EcoPayz account, they should be able to move monies into their online casino account within minutes. For verification that your online gambling provider accepts EcoPayz as a viable banking option, you should visit the online casino's banking page, There, you would look for the EcoPayz logo.

EcoPayz deposits should be available within minutes of approval. Withdrawals might take a little longer due to the protocols online casinos might have in place.

For customers who prefer a credit/debit card option, EcoPayz does offer its prepaid MasterCard option. The prepaid MasterCard option acts in the same way as any other credit or debit card solution. The EcoCard solution is widely accepted anywhere that MasterCard transactions are allowed. That includes allowing customers to withdraw cash through a huge network of international ATMs.

When available, the EcoPayz solution is comparable with other top eWallet solutions like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. The extra benefit afford to customers by the EcoPayz platform is it doesn't typically disqualify customers for getting welcome or reload bonuses. With that extra checkmark on its side of the ledge, EcoPayz is a transfer platform worthy of consideration.

FAQ: EcoPayz Casinos

How Do EcoPayz Casinos Work?

Ecopayz Casinos offer players the opportunity to make quick deposits and withdrawals with EcoPayz e-wallet. You only need to have an EcoPayz account with sufficient funds and after that you can transfers money either via bank transfer or MasterCard payment.

Do Ecopayz Transfers Have Fees?

EcoPayz does not charge fees for transactions. However there might be some fees from credit card or banking providers. Remember to also check that your default currency is correct so you are not subjected to currency conversion fees.

Is EcoPayz Safe?

Yes. EcoPayz is protected by bank-level 256-bit encryption technology and firewalls. The platforms a certification from the Thawte Certification Authority. Ecopayz system uses a wide range of passwords and protocols before current and prospective customers are led into the system.

What Casinos Accept EcoPayz?

Ecopayz is already used by hundreds of online casinos. If you are looking for the best options we recommend checking out our comprehensive.