Peter & Sons is definitely the game provider that everyone else needs to look out for. In just a couple of years, they have released countless thrilling games that are both entertaining and visually very pleasing. They are never in a hurry to launch their slots - instead each and every game is well thought of and 100% ready. Read all about them here and check the best Peter & Sons casinos.

Peter & Sons - The Brightest Rising Star

Peter & Sons casinos

Only having been established in 2019 by a group of online gaming enthusiasts, Peter and Sons has become maybe the fastest growing game developer at the moment. In just three years the company has produced already 22 slots with an accelerating pace as the team and resources have increased. To further boost the growth and unlock new opportunities they have formed collaborations with Oryx Gaming and Yggdrasil. Especially the latter YG Master Programme has enabled Peter & Sons to expand their reach to a global level with the best tools and aid possible.

In the beginning it was only a group of industry professionals who shared the idea of creating premium quality games with something special built in the gameplay. Due to having especially experienced and talented mobile developers and designers it was only natural to focus largely on the mobile experience in particular. This obviously doesn’t mean that the computer versions would be somehow lacking but quite the opposite!

Their approach to game-making has been something exceptional. They have kept their idea of creating something out of the ordinary by bringing together leading professionals around the world working together on their products. For example world-class musicians have designed the sounds, talented artists have created the visuals and storylines and mathematicians taken care of the mechanics. All this has been put in a fair, transparent and regulated package utilizing the help from big brothers Yggdrasil and Oryx.

Peter & Sons slots have become a familiar sight on all the best online casinos - and in the future it will definitely become a household name.

It's About Quality, Not Quantity

Well, at least for now the header is on point but as years will pass the quantity will be matched very likely. The pace of development has still been super fast when we take into account the age and history of the studios. Even though the current catalogue has just over 20 slots, the quality is something incredible. Starting from their first ever game D’Cirque Peter and Sons has had the same distinctive style and eye for detail.

Since the main goal of the studios has been exceeding players’ expectations and create games that catch the eye, it has not been an option to work as the competition. To get that wow effect one need to offer users something extraordinary. The artistic team has done mega job on coming up with stunning themes and concepts that catch the eye. One way to keep ahead of the rivals is to constantly research and develop new ideas related to game mechanics and looks. Just as Peter & Sons has demonstrated.

Peter & Sons: Mobile Games

Utilizing both own and partner network solutions, Peter and Sons gaming studios have been able to develop a superior multi-device product platform. All of their games are built using latest HTML5 coding making them compatible with almost every operating system, device and software. Therefore players are able to play their favourite slots on any device, anywhere and anytime.

Fully responsive framework optimizes the user experience to best suit your gadget, browser and connection. All products are also natively app friendly enabling broader accessibility. Their team’s strong background, enthusiasm and pioneering role in mobile gaming is transferred directly into the quality of the products. Games are always adapted to various devices, languages, audiences and territories.

Latest Peter & Sons Slots Reviewed

TOP 5 Peter & Sons Games

Despite the fact that Peter & Sons only has 22 games, it was still really hard to narrow down the five best ones. Each and everyone of their slots would have merit to appear here but sadly, we still had to pick only five. These games give you a really good overall picture what Peter & Sons is all about: creativity, strong personal style, countless special features and medium to high volatility games.

The funny thing is that starting from their very first game, Peter & Sons has had clear vision and they have executed that vision really well. All of their slots are easy to recognize and there really is no poor game in sight. Plenty of game providers have these ”filler games” that are quite dreadful but Peter & Sons delivers pure perfection every time. The characters and the overall atmosphere are always quite similar - and we absolutely love the fact there are no flops in this portfolio.

Voodoo Hex

Voodoo Hex is the perfect slot for Halloween. It is a classic Peter & Sons game - meaning it is packed with exciting features and the design is absolutely flawless. It takes place in the New Orleans French courters in 1921 (I mean how detailed is that!) Players will find themselves in a Voodoo Shop where anything can happen.

But what can we expect to happen? Well first of all, you will probably run into the Mystery Stack feature that awards you with a respin - during which the mystery stacks will appear and reveal random symbols. The feature continues for as long as you keep the winning streak going. Psstt… there are also multipliers that increase after each round.

Voodoo Hex also comes with a Free Spins Game that rewards gamers with up to 15 spins. So there is plenty of excitement happening in New Orleans. The slot is a medium-high volatility game with an RTP of 96%.

Wild Duel

Almost all game providers have at least one slot that takes place in the Wild West - and at Peter & Sons that game is Wild Duel. So if you are fascinated by sheriffs, outlaws and the rural scenery, then you will definitely like this game as well. When you open the game, you will immediately see a saloon, cactuses, barrels - and of course there is a very theme-appropriate song playing on the background.

We do not have the time to go through all the special features of this game - that would take a better part of a day. But there is no way, we can talk about this slot without mentioning the Wild Duel feature where the outlaws and marshals literally duel on the reels. Both the outlaw and marshal characters come with different features such as multipliers and sticky and expanding wilds.

Wild Duel has a pretty standard RTP (96,1%) and it is marked as a high volatility slot. It offers pretty huge wins: up to 10,000x your bet size. So if you are playing with the maximum bet of $50, it means a whopping $500,000 maximum win.

Robin - Nottingham Raiders

Robin - Nottingham Raiders

Peter & Sons clearly likes to use myths and folklores in its games - and what would be a better character than Robin Hood? The heroic outlaw who rebels against the establishment. Sounds pretty good! Currently the game provider has created two different slots in the Robin series: Sherwood Marauders and Nottingham Raiders. We hope that this series will continue in the future and it was more than fair that one of these two master pieces found its way to our TOP 5 list.

As the name suggests, in this slot you and Robin are getting ready to raid the Nottingham castle for its riches. And oh boy, does this game have riches. The maximum win is massive 121,000x your bet which is quite spectacular for a standard slot.

Robin - Nottingham Raiders hosts a wide range of special features: Wild collection that allows you to collect coins (Wilds) and once you have collected nine, they will all fly back to the reels for one respin, Free Spins Round, multipliers and res-pins.

Zombies at the Door

Zombies at the Door is yet another ”horror” themed slot from Peter & Sons. It plays on the stereotypes of zombie hunting and kind of gives ”Zombieland” and ”Walking Dead” vibes. But again Peter & Sons has done what they do best: created a completely unique design that does not ride on all-ready-made classics but brings something completely new to the table.

This games has been made in co-operation with OryxGaming whereas the previous three are part of the YG Master Program. It might be one of the reasons that this slot has a slightly higher RTP (96,50%).

It is worth mentioning that Zombies at the Door comes with not one but two different bonus games that will keep you on your toes.


There really is nothing like the first slot you ever create. And at Peter & Sons, that game is D’Cirque. As the name suggests, players are transported into a circus where various well-known characters such as the ring master, weightlifter and clown await. We admire Peter & Sons ability to make even the most over-used themes come alive in a way that most providers can only dream of.

Let’s look at the stats a little bit shall we. D’Circue is a classical 5x3 slot that has a 96,11% RTP and 1346 maximum win. It comes with 25 paylines that are paid from the left to the right. With it also has expanding wilds, respins and a thrilling bonus game. So you should definitely give this slot a chance since it represents Peter & Sons quite nicely.

RTP and Volatility

There are many important aspects to explore when talking about online slots. Graphics, themes, special features, maximum wins… And we are just getting started! But there is no denying that two key elements of any slot are RTP and Volatility. These two terms might sound strange to you if you are not a seasoned gambler - but fear not, we will explain everything in detail.

Let’s start with the RTP (Return to Player). This figure determines what are your theoretical odds of winning. You are always looking for a a game that has the highest possible RTP (out of 100%). The good thing is that online slots have the highest Return to Play percentages out there. The average RTP is 95% which is massive when we compare it to e.g. lottery that usually has a 40% RTP. But we would like to remind you that this figure is always counted during 1,000,000 spins - so even if the slot does have a 95% RTP it does not guarantee any wins.

In Peter & Sons slots, the average RTP is around 96-96,5% which is rather good. It is way above average but of course we are always rooting for slightly higher figures.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are looking for the highest return to player Peter & Sons slot, try out Kaiser. This WW1 themed slot has a 97% RTP.

Volatility on the other hand let’s you know how risky the slot is. A low volatility game gives you more frequent wins, but the amounts are usually quite small. Whereas high volatility games do not reward you as often but the wins are more generous. In Peter & Sons games, the volatility is usually medium or high.

Peter & Sons Review

In our humble opinion, Peter & Sons is a very underrated game provider. It has not yet become a household name but that’s honestly just a matter of time. Their unique approach to slots and clear vision are definitely creating a path to success and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

Visually their games are extraordinary. It is not easy to leave your mark and stand out when there are over 50 slots published from more than 100 providers every single month. But Peter & Sons does not let other providers rush or scare them into pushing out hastily created games - they are keeping their own pace and releasing slots only when they are 100% ready.

But the games are not just visually pleasing, they are also filled with thrilling special features that make sure no gamer gets bored. We are also seeing rather nice wins, good RTP’s and solid base games. There really is not a lot to critique (and we really tried to look).

One of the things that still separates Peter & Sons from the truly big game providers, is their lack of network campaigns. We would love to see promotions and tournaments based solely around P&S slots but so far we have not seen any. These games would be absolutely perfect for e.g. Halloween promotions.

FAQ: Peter & Sons

Which Peter & Sons Game Has the Highest RTP?

The Peter & Sons slot with the highest RTP (return to player) is Kaiser with a 97% RTP.

How Much Can I Win from a Peter & Sons Slot?

When gambling, wins can never be guaranteed. But in terms of biggest possible wins, Robin - Nottingham Raider has a 121 500 x bet maximum win.

What is the Newest Peter & Sons Slot?

That would be Dungeon Tower that was launched on 21st of November. The next slot will be The Legend of Musashi and it will be released on 12th of December.