The era of bitcoin casinos has arrived! A crypto casino allows players to play and make payments with popular virtual currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. Check out a list of licensed and reliable crypto casinos and embrace fast & anonymous money transfers!

Bitcoin casinos definitely represent the future of casinos. Crypto currencies are quickly becoming an extremely popular way to handle deposit and withdrawals - and that’s why it was time to dedicate an entire page for bitcoin casinos.

It goes without saying that all the brands visible here accept multiple different crypto currencies and allow players to spin their favorite slots with crypto coins. It is crucial that all payments are handled as efficiently as they are with more traditional payment methods. All the bitcoin casinos here go to great lengths to make sure crypto players receive all the same benefits (or even more) than ”regular” players.

Since crypto casinos can operate more freely than other gambling sites, it is very important to choose a respectable online casino. We have only included licensed and secure casinos here to ensure that things run as smoothly as they possibly can. Bitcoin casinos are still a relatively new thing and that’s why players should stick to the well-known sites that follow rules and regulations.

We are already seeing crypto casinos embrace welcome bonuses - and great offers will always increase the overall grade of any casino. is constantly keeping its eyes open to make sure that no great bitcoin bonus slips by!

Bitcoin Casinos in a Nutshell

Bitcoin casinos

A decade ago no one had even heard of bitcoin but within the last few years it has become a popular, safe and serious payment method that’s used all over the world. The success has sprouted dozens of other crypto currencies as well - and there is no telling how big this phenomenon might grow.

At first people were joking about these currencies since there weren’t many places to use them. Well the joke is on them because now a wide range of companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft and KFC are now accepting payments via bitcoin.

And since online casinos are always looking for new and easy solutions to improve their services, bitcoins arrived quickly to gambling sites as well. This only makes sense since all casino money transfers are already handled digitally so incorporating crypto currencies has been a piece of cake.

So when we talk about bitcoin casinos, we mean online casinos that accept payments with bitcoin and other crypto currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and even Dogecoin. These brands also give out bonuses for crypto players and guarantee the best possible bitcoin gambling experience.

Bitcoin casinos might sound really complicated or unfamiliar but they really aren’t. We have previously introduced Interac casinos or Ecopayz casinos - and this time we are just talking about brands that use crypto currencies as well. It is very common that casinos have different payment methods in use and it was only a matter of time for bitcoin to be featured as well.

Crypto Currencies Growing in Popularity

Like we mentioned before, bitcoin has become a respectable currency instead of something odd people are mining in their parents basement. Since the world is becoming more and more digitalized, it’s normal to have currencies that you can not physically hold in your hand. Probably in the next 20 years, we will stop using cash altogether and focus more on blockchain options.

The revolution started in 2009 with bitcoin and it is still by far the most popular crypto currency. But once people started to realize that bitcoin was here to stay, other options started to pop up like mushrooms after the rain.

Currently over 100 mullion people own bitcoin - so over 1% of the entire world. And if we look at America, more than 20% has bitcoin in wallets such as Coinbase and People and players all over the world are starting to recognize it as a viable currency which means that is becoming more and more stable. So the constant fear of a bitcoin crash is not very likely anymore and even us regular people can consider buying it.

And since a growing number of providers and companies are accepting crypto currencies, the popularity will keep on increasing. I mean there really is not that much point in owning ”money” that you cannot use - but since that is no longer the case, there is no stopping bitcoin and other currencies.

Play Without Borders

Since Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum for example are virtual currencies and are not regulated by any single country, they can be considered as borderless currencies. It does not matter where you live or where you send your payments to as all and every geo blocking possibilities are enabled in theory. It might still be a good idea to only play at licensed Bitcoin casinos as you would avoid any possible inconveniences if you run into any problems or dispute.

One of the key benefits of crypto currency is that the whole system is based on decentralization so that no single entity, government or any individual is controlling the currency. In other words the authorities in your country or in the casino’s registered country can’t access or monitor your payments made with crypto currencies.

If you appreciate your anonymity then Bitcoin casinos and other crypto currencies are for you. Thanks to the blockchain and encryption no one can see your personal details as the only thing available is the transaction ID (TXID) and the amount of currency sent. The casino will not get your personal details and there is nothing that would be seen on your bank statement. This could make a huge difference for many since some of the banks are known to red flag customers with gambling deposits when doing background checks for mortgage for example.

Crypto currencies

What Currencies Crypto Casinos Use?

The whole alternative currency scene has bloomed recently as we have seen more and more possibilities arising. Bitcoin has become so general that you can even make cash withdrawals with it at selected ATM’s. For some years we have witnessed Bitcoin casinos coming but now there are multiple other cryptos available to play in real money online casino slots and games.

Created by an individual or a group called Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin launched in 2008. It was the first ever crypto currency accepted by online casinos and no wonder, since it became the first ever household crypto currency in the world. You can use milli Bitcoin or mBTC as your deposit and bet size unit since it might be more convenient rather than playing with full Bitcoins worth tens of thousands each.

Litecoin or LTC is also widely accepted at various online casinos. It is one of the earliest alternative currencies launched in 2011. It is actually based on Bitcoin source code and was founded by fromer Google engineer Charlie Lee. Compared to BTC Litecoin is much faster with 4 times faster mining per block and the theoretical cap is also 4 times more than Bitcoin.

One of the latest currencies crypto casinos have integrated on their wallets is Dogecoin, It started as a meme and a joke when a drunk guy from America decided to create his own alternative currency. He was watching dog memes including a famous shiba inu character and decided to name and picture his new coin according to this. Well, people are not laughing anymore as in 2021 Dogecoin (DOGE) reached a 7 billion dollar milestone. Tech mogul Elon Musk has been one of the major patrons regarding Dogecoin and has managed to create a lot of hype around this currency.

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

First you should start by choosing one of the best Bitcoin casinos on our verified lists. This is the first step to ensure that you are playing at a reputable, trusted and verified online casino. After you have made your way to the gaming site, it is time to sign up and make your first deposit. Usually you are able to stay still anonymous as you are only required to use an e-mail address and password for the account.

Go to the cashier and choose Bitcoin or any other crypto currency as your payment method. Then the casino will generate their wallet’s address where you can send the money. Be very careful when you copy the address as even the tiniest mistake can transfer your money to someone else’s wallet and there is no way of getting that transaction charged back. Choose the sum you’d like to deposit and confirm the transaction. If you want to claim a bonus, please check that the amount is above the baseline required and that the bonus has been triggered.

The withdrawal process at Bitcoin casinos is fairly simple too. As they already have your wallet’s address after your initial deposit they can pay the amount instantly after you have requested a withdrawal. You should remember though that even though the casino is paying you instantly, you still need to wait for some time as the transaction is depending on the speed of block mining. With Bitcoin the average confirmation time is 10 minutes or so but the time can vary a lot. Faster blockchain currencies like Litecoin can be processed at least 4 times faster just because of the lighter structure.

Crypto Casinos and Provably Fair Games

Due to several license restrictions, not all games are accepting crypto currencies and can’t be played with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and etc. However, there still are thousands of real money slots that can be enjoyed when playing with crypto currencies. When you deposit for example Bitcoin on your casino account, the games are able to recognize your currency used and offer you the same experience with bets made with Bitcoin. If you would use dollars, then the games would run on dollars but everything stays techically the same.

We get many messaged from our readers regarding if the games are unfair, tampered or rigged. Crypto casinos are leading the revolution towards more open and transparent gaming as thanks to the blockchain technology and open source principles, it is possible to check how the random number generator RNG works.

A new term called ”provably fair game” or ”provably fair casinos” have become a phenomenon. There are several independent tools that can be used for checking if every single spin, hand or round was actually legit and if the RNG worked as promised. Every game has a mathematical return-to-player percentage RTP% describing the ratio between winning and losing combinations within the game’s engine. Provably fair slots and provably fair casinos are giving anyone a fair chance to access their logs and check if the results have been in line with the original frame. This is a way for you to audit if the results are actually unpremeditated.

In a way, crypto casinos and bitcoin games can be even safer than original slots played with mainstream currencies. At the moment you are able to play slots, video games, card games, table games and more with Bitcoin and other cryptos. Maybe sooner or later live casino becomes also available at Bitcoin casinos.

FAQ: Bitcoin Casinos

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

All casinos that accept bitcoin or other crypto currencies are called bitcoin casinos. These brands have created a good gaming environment for gamers who wish to make money transfers and play with bitcoin.

What Currencies Do Crypto Casinos Use?

The most popular crypto currencies at online casinos are: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Are Crypto Casinos Safe?

Yes, most crypto casinos are completely safe. They work exactly the same way as "normal" casinos so as long as you choose a licensed brand with good reviews, you are completely safe.

How Long Do Bitcoin Withdrawals Take?

It depends on the currency you choose. It might be anything between mere seconds or couple of hours.

Why Should I Pick a Crypto Casino?

There are many benefits that come with crypto payments and blockchain. Whereas other payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets and banking services are controlled by banks and governments, crypto currencies are not. This means that you are in charge of your money, not some institution. This brings certain freedom since your transfers are not being monitored.

This also means that bitcoin payments and casino do not have similar regulations than basic casinos. Therefore they can operate without borders and accept players from all over the world. But still encourages you to follow the rules and regulations of your own country and only play at licensed online casinos. Bitcoin casinos are just as safe as any other casinos just as long as you make sure they have a license.

Crypto casinos are extremely fast when it comes to payments. E.g. bank transfers might take up to 7 days to appear on your bank account where as crypto withdrawals take less than a couple of hours to get processed. So if you do not want to spend ages waiting for your money to arrive, maybe you should consider bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Another thing that is worth mentioning, are the low costs of bitcoin transfers. Again if we compare them to Visa or Mastercard that can take up to 3% in fees, crypto currencies are much cheaper (or most of the time almost free).

Bitcoin guarantees a certain amount of anonymity that you cannot get with bank transfers. The transfers only show the amount you are depositing or withdrawing but not any additional information. But again, we must point out that you should only choose casinos that ask for account verification. Only sketchy brands accept players without any personal information.