There is a new e-wallet in town. Fun ID is fast and reliable payment app designed solely for online casinos! Enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals and an instant sign-up with a QR code. If we peaked your interest, check out the best Fun ID casinos below!

Fun ID is a new e-wallet that is designed specifically for online casinos - and casino players. It is among the first payment apps that focus solely on gambling and therefore can provide a very smooth payment experience for casino lovers...

What Are Fun ID Casinos?

Fun ID casinos

At this point a lot of you might wonder ”what the heck is Fun ID”. No worries, we are here to answer that question and any other you might have about the interesting payment service. Fun ID is a completely new e-wallet that combines account registration and money transfers. This means that you only need one application for online gaming - instead of having to download multiple ones.

The appeal of Fun ID is the fact that it is simply tailored for online casinos. There are plenty of other good payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Interac and PayPal but those have not been designed for casinos - they just use them. Whereas Fun ID actually has information about casino who use the service and with a click of a button you can transfer money to a brand of your choosing. Fun ID is truly a revolutionizing innovation!

Fun ID casinos accept payments in multiple different currencies (euros, dollars etc) and even crypto currencies such as bitcoin. Since bitcoin casinos have become more and more popular, it is nice to see an e-wallet make crypto payments more efficient. Fun ID casinos are a next step towards a faster gaming experience.

We also applaud Fun ID for its Pay N Play qualities. This technique has been used in Europe for quite some time but there hasn’t been a global option for quick registration. With Fun ID, you can simply open an account by scanning a QR code - no need to waste time with annoying registration folders.

How Does Fun ID Work?

Fun ID is extremely easy to use. It takes about 5 minutes to set thing up (full instructions below) and after that you are all set. Once the app is successfully downloaded, it will ask you to confirm your phone number. An activation message will be sent with a code that you need to insert to the app. After that users need to add their email address and choose a fun avatar. So nothing earth-shattering so far.

Fun ID does need to comply with laws and regulation in order to fulfill their KYC requirements. So the next step is to add your personal details: name, birth day, address and home country. Since the payment service is designed for online gambling, it does not accept players under the age of 18.

Since Fun ID allows online casinos to verify players via the application, you need to prove the information provided. This can be done with an ID, passport or drivers license. Just take a picture of the document and upload to the app. After that you can immediately start using the app.

Fun ID can be used for deposits and withdrawals - and instant casino sign-up as well. You can either choose an online casino from the list found on the Fun ID app or scan the QR code found on all Fun ID casinos. It does not really get easier than this!

Convenient Fun ID App

Fun ID App

The app itself is extremely easy to use (extra points for that). It is of course available to both iOS and Android users and works on all modern phones and tablets. In order to play at Fun ID casinos, you only need to download the app and open an account. Nice and simple.

Depending on which device you are using, simply go to either Apple Store or Google Play. Use the search tool and type in ”Fun ID” and download the first result. Other option is to go to Fun ID’s own website and download the app from there. Whichever method you choose, it only takes a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

The app functions in multiple different ways. You can operate in many currencies including bitcoins and transfer money safely and securely. Players can make deposits to online casinos and withdraw winnings back to their account within matter of minutes. You can also send money to your friends and even exchange crypto currencies. So we are talking about a very functional app here.

And of course we cannot highlight the registration option enough. FunID lets operators identify and verify players when they make a deposit and therefore you do not need to fill out all your personal details over and over again. Just log in by clicking on the QR code of your chosen casino and start playing.

Deposits with Fun ID

At first we need to remind people to choose the currency they wish to use in all money transfers. Like we mentioned before, there are loads of choices - just make sure to pick the one that suits you the best to avoid any confusion. So if you live in Europe choose euros, if you reside in Canada pick Canadian dollars and if you prefer using crypto currencies, choose bitcoin.

Of course you need to add money to your Fun ID account before making a deposit. You can transfer money from e.g. a bank card, online bank or Apple Pay. After that players can make a deposit to their casino of choosing within minutes. Just pick a casino you wish to transfer money and type in the preferred amount. The money will move immediately to your gaming account.

You can combine all your casino accounts to the app which makes deposits even easier. The system is quite genius and extremely easy to use. The app even shows all Fun ID casinos in one list (with bonus details of course). So we are definitely talking about a true casino payment application.

Fast Fun ID Withdrawals

Fun ID is all about speed and simplicity - and the same trends continues with withdrawals as well. So If you manage to win big (or even small), you can withdraw all winnings to your Fun ID account without any extra hassle.

Again, you only need to choose the casino you wish to ask for a payout, determine the amount you wish to withdraw and wait for a confirmation. As soon as the casino has accepted the request, the money will move directly to players’ Fun ID account. You can either keep the money there or move it to your own bank account or other payment service.

Even though the app has already confirmed your identity, online casinos might ask for extra verification. This is nothing new since casinos constantly do this with other payment services as well - especially if we are talking about a big payout amount. All you need to do is provide a proof of identity, proof of address and proof of payment method.

Fun ID Bonus and Free Spins

In addition to the fundamental idea of listing available bonuses within the application, Fun ID can offer its users exclusive deals. Just open up your account by using the QR code or through the form and you can start receiving those special offers that we all love.

These exclusive Fun ID bonuses can be all sorts of interesting perks. This includes mach deposit bonuses, free spins and every no deposit bonuses. A good example of this is Wazamba Casino that is pampering its customers with a 25% added extra on the welcome bonus and $10 of free bonus money. All of this is available for registering a Fun ID account.

It must be said though that these offers are not going to stay around for long. Since this is part of launching a whole new product and innovation, it pretty much means that these extra good deals can’t be claimed forever. Based on our experience you should act now since the value tends to decrease with time.

In comparison to popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, Fun ID enables you to claim bonus and free spin offers as usual. Normally Skrill and Neteller users are excluded from any welcome offers but you don’t have to worry about this when using Fun ID. Actually, quite the opposite as you can get more bonuses than without it!

FAQ: Fun ID Casinos

How Do I Find a Fun ID Casino?

We have listed all the newest and best Fun ID casinos on one convenient list. You can also check the ”payment” page that is visible on almost all casinos. Also if the casino is using QR registration, they probably have Fun ID as well. Since the payment method is so new, most casinos are actually promoting it on the front page.

What Is Fun ID?

Fun ID is a fresh e-wallet that is specifically designed for online gambling. Players can make normal deposits and withdrawals through the payment app and even sign-up with the app simply by scanning a QR code found at Fun ID casinos.

Are Fun ID Casinos Safe?

Yes. As long as the casino you are playing at has a valid license, all should be fine. Fun ID is a relatively new payment service so we do not have a lot of experience with it. So we recommend trying it with a small deposit to find out if it’s the right service for you.

Are Fun ID Payments Free?

Yes. There are no hidden fees with Fun ID transfers.