The universal truth is that everyone hates waiting, right? That's why fast payout casinos have become the most popular gambling sites recently. Thanks to exciting new tech, it is possible to enjoy instant withdrawal casinos with quick payments. Check our list of fastest payout online casinos and receive your winnings in less than 5 minutes!

Discover our meticulously curated list of the best fast payout casinos. We've invested countless hours to thoroughly examine and verify hundreds of gambling sites, saving you valuable time and effort. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, swift payouts have become the norm in the casino industry. This aspect is of utmost importance to numerous players, making our content particularly valuable to them.

For players seeking the convenience of PayPal for their online transactions, we have a special mention of PayPal Casinos. You can explore our dedicated PayPal Casinos List. These casinos not only offer fast payouts but also allow you to securely manage your funds using the popular PayPal payment method.

As part of our weekly routine, we rigorously assess tens of casinos, ensuring our perspective and knowledge on igaming developments remain unparalleled. Our goal is to furnish you with up-to-date and optimal information on online gambling. Rest assured, our compilation of the finest fast withdrawal casinos guarantees a reliable and trusted gaming experience.

Our featured brands share a mandatory criterion: instant or exceptionally rapid payments for both deposits and withdrawals. While a clear-cut definition is lacking, we have set the standard at one hour, or 60 minutes. Any casino capable of consistently delivering payouts within this timeframe earns its place on our page.

Nevertheless, prompt payouts are not the sole prerequisite. Only licensed and legal online casinos with expedited withdrawals earn a spot on our esteemed list. Our core values prioritize player safety and protection, followed closely by the availability of fast payouts.

Fast Payout Online Casinos

Fast Payout Casinos

You might not be familiar with the term fast payout casinos yet so it is good to elaborate this a bit. Usually players have used to wait up to 5 business days for their withdrawals but lately thanks to digital breakthroughs, the processing times have slumped dramatically. Now in the 2020’s you can actually receive instant payouts from casinos within milliseconds from withdrawal request.

But how fast is fast? As we already stated earlier, there is no clear line or definition per se. We have used our common sense and we treat every gambling site that can process and transmit withdrawals within 60 minutes from request a fast payout casino. There are still some differences though. The fastest payout online casino can make payments in real-time but the average is still around 15-30 minutes for processing.

Instant payout casinos have become extremely popular which is probably part of the hectic times we’re living in. On the other hand, why should you keep waiting on your big wins for days as you can celebrate them now?

How Instant Casino Withdrawals Work?

Major changes and open policy regarding payment software and API’s has led to this beautiful situation in which multiple financial institutions, payment service providers and businesses can be integrated into each other’s platforms. Therefore accounts and systems are working seamlessly together and can process for example instant withdrawals within milliseconds.

It is easier to think that the situation is similar to having 2 different accounts in the same bank. As the accounts are located on the same server and same platform, it is possible to make instant transactions between the accounts.

So when we talk about instant payout casinos, they are actually just gaming sites with the ability to process super swift transactions within milliseconds. Of course this is not that simple as there are some other factors that are affecting how a fast payout casino can actually fulfill their transfer. Let’s see what things can cause delays by looking deeper into the actual process.

The first step to make fastest online casino withdrawals is to request for the payment. You can do this simply by clicking the withdraw button on your account’s cashier. After your request the payment will go into processing from the casino’s side. This means that either a customer support agent or an automated software with artificial intelligence will clear your payment and approve it.

After the withdrawal is approved, the money will be paid via payment service provider that can either be a transmitter or your own financial institution. They will process the payment to your account or wallet and bang, you have received your winnings.

Especially in the EU and the EEA banking has been expedited greatly since 2018 thanks to new directives. So called PSD2 or open banking, has enabled payment services to integrate their softwares and API’s on other banks’ and entities’ systems, leading to a situation in which the intra-bank payments and inter-bank payments have become equally fast. If the whole process chain is well-optimized, a fast payout casino is able to pay their customers pretty much in real-time.

What are the Fastest Payment Methods?

The best combination for the fastest casino payouts is to have an automated payment processing and KYC verification. The equation is nothing without a secure payment provider with as many counter accounts and access to financial institutions as possible.

Fastest Payout Methods:

  1. Instant Bank Transfers: Interac, iDebit, Instadebit
  2. e-Wallets: Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, MuchBetter
  3. Cryptos: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin

Maybe the best choice for the majority is to use fast bank transfers through services like Interac, Instadebit and iDebit. All of these third party payment service providers offer direct deposits and withdrawals to and from your personal online bank account. Many fast payout casinos are providing these methods and they are loved by millions of gamblers.

The first entities who urged the industry to make money transfers faster were the e-wallets. Many of you have probably heard of PayPal that was one of the first electronic wallets for online payments. Then Neteller and Skrill (previously Moneybookers) were cutting the processing times into 24 hours but nowadays the payments are even faster.

But there is a new contender in the house. Crypto currencies have become a popular form of payments lately and online casinos have also embedded them into their payment options. You can now play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin for example. In addition to one of the fastest payments, they also provide unrivalled security and anonymity.

What Are the Slowest Payment Methods?

Slow payment methods

One of the easiest ways to ensure quick withdrawals is to avoid the ”slowest” payment methods. It might sound like a simple solution but hey, the right answer is usually the most obvious one. In this page we are focusing on speed and would like to emphasize that all payment options listed below are reliable and solid choices. But unfortunately not the fastest ones.

The turtle of deposits and withdrawals is definitely a bank wire transfer. If you decide not to use a banking service (such as Interac) but opt in for a bank wire withdrawal, you are in for a 3-to-5-day wait. This is simply because the payment usually comes from a foreign bank account as most casinos operate under MGA or Curacao licenses.

The money first needs to be processed at the Maltese bank and then again by your own local bank. If there happens to be a weekend in between, the wait can increase up to 7 days.

Visa and Mastercard are among the most popular payment methods but they are lacking in speed. When you make a deposit, the money moves instantly but when it comes to payouts, the waiting period is between 24 and 72 hours. It’s not the end of the world but still not at fast as most payment services.

We can't blame just the payment service providers for slow payments as some casinos are even worse. If the online casino has for example a 72-hour approval window, no method can make it faster than that.

Benefits of Instant Withdrawals

The most obvious benefit of blink-and-you-miss-it withdrawals is definitely the fact that you receive your money faster.

When you make the decision to withdraw your money (whether to collect your winnings or cut your losses), you should be able to do that immediately. We understand that casinos need to go through a certain process but the best online casinos manage to do that really fast. So if you can withdraw winnings in a matter of couple of hours, you have more control over your gaming balance.

Quick withdrawal sites are also amongst the most hassle-free casinos. The fastest withdrawals happen with the most reliable banking services where the money is directed to your own bank account. You don't need to open accounts to additional services or move money around from one place to another. When it comes to casino payments, simple is beautiful.

Disadvantages of Fast Payouts

Even though we are ”glass half full” type of people, we always look to the other side of the coin as well. No solution is perfect and that’s why we want to examine the cons of swift transactions as well. If we are being honest, there are not that many flaws, but we still managed to find some.

First of all if you wish to take advantage of a fast payout casino, you usually have to use your own bank account. This is not a bad thing per se but some gamers like to separate their daily accounts and gaming accounts. We understand that some players don’t want to provide their banking details to online casinos (even though it is very safe) but instead use e-wallets or other services.

One negative side with pay and play type of casinos is that they rarely offer any bonuses. Or the bonuses tend to be worse than average. So the question is - do you prefer playing without registration and enjoy 5-minute withdrawals or claim bonus packages?

How to Make Payments Faster?

We have excellent news for you. Even though payment services are the ones who handle payments at their own time, you can still affect the processing time at online casinos. When you click ”withdraw”, the request goes to the online casino who accepts it. But it can be settled, you need to verify your personal details. And this is usually the part that takes the most time.

The process is called KYC (Know Your Customer) and it is used to verify both your personal and financial details. The reason operators need to do this is to prevent underage gambling, prevent financial crime such as money laundering and make sure you comply with the regulations of your country.

Steps for Faster Withdrawals

  1. Verify your email and phone number
  2. Send KYC documents beforehand
  3. Play by the rules and read the small print
  4. Keep your contact details always up-to-date
  5. Select the fastest possible deposit and withdrawal method

When you are proactive and make sure that required verification is completed, you can expect receiving your withdrawals as soons as possible.

Account Verification

Withdrawal Account Verification

Let’s talk a little bit more about account verification. Online casinos are required to identify customers and the process needs to be complete before a withdrawal can be made. This is done with three different documents to prove age, address and ownership of a payment method.

ID verification: Each player needs to prove their identity and age with a government issued ID. This can be a passport, drivers license or identification card. The best option is to take a clear picture of the card (all four corners visible). Make sure the text can be easily read.

Address verification: Casinos need to verify players address (and the country they are playing from). You need to submit an official letter or utility bill that is dated within the last three months. You can again take a picture of the utility bill - just make sure your name, address and sender are clearly visible. You can hide other information.

Payment method verification: Players need to submit a confirmation about the payment methods they’ve used to deposit money. If you have used a bank card, take a picture of the card (both sides) but always hide the CVC/CVV code. In case you have used a direct bank transfer or e-wallet you can take screen shot of the online bank or download a PDF of your bank statement. Make sure the payment service logo is visible.

We recommend sending these documents right after registration. Just make sure the images you download are clear and all the required information is visible.

Casino Payout Times

Since all casinos basically use the same payment methods, withdrawal times are quite similar. E.g. Visa will transfer the money just as quickly from Casino A than it does from Casino B. The difference comes from processing times - some casinos accept payments immediately where as some take up to 72 hours to get things moving. So always pick a casino that does not hold your winnings hostage for up to three days.

These days casinos often have a dedicated payments page where they have listed all the options with withdrawal times, limits and processing times so you can easily check the information. If the details are hidden like horcruxes, it is a good indication that the processing times are quite long. All online casinos want to promote instant payouts but no one is yelling about long pending times.

Below we have listed some of the most popular payment services and the transfer times they usually operate with.

  • Interac: 0-24 hours
  • iDebit: Up to 5 days
  • InstaDebit: 3-5 days
  • E-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz): 0-24 hours
  • Cryptos: 0-24 hours
  • Visa ja Mastercard: 1-3 days
  • Direct Bank Transfer: 3-5 days
  • PayPal: Less than hour

Withdrawal Limits at Fast Payout Casinos

As many of our more experienced readers probably know, there are always other terms and conditions to keep in mind in addition to just focusing on quick withdrawals. The most important restriction is of course a possible withdrawal limit. Nonetheless, it is amazing to receive your payments within seconds from your request but it doesn’t really help if the payout limits are very low.

There are also some limits for extra verification. Usually if a player wins or tries to withdraw sums larger than $3,000, they might be asked for additional KYC (Know Your Customer) documents such as utility bills, ID scans or proof of address details. This only applies on larger sums so you are not going to need to go through this other than that.

One might find these kind of procedures irritating but there are some quite strong and good reasons for extra verifications. Many governments, gaming license providers and payment services themselves are under a heavy scrutiny from the law enforcement authorities regarding financial fair play. With these checks it is possible to prevent money laundering, ID thefts, frauds and other illegal activities to keep the bad guys out of the business.

Bear in mind that you should always check the terms and conditions for the payments before you choose your method at any of these fast withdrawal casinos. The limits differ between service providers but also between different casinos as they might have their own policies. The best way to get always the fastest payouts at online casinos is to join a VIP Program with expedited payments and higher withdrawal limits.

FAQ: Instant Withdrawal Casinos

What Are Fast Payout Casinos?

There is not a clear definition but based on our standards we require fast withdrawals processed within 60 minutes from the initial request. Fast Payout Casinos use only the most efficient payment methods such as e-wallets and instant banking services.

Are There Any Instant Withdrawal Online Casinos?

Yes, some online casinos have taken their automated payment processing so fast that you can indeed make instant withdrawals.

What Is the Fastest Paying Casino?

Well, there is actually a bunch of gambling sites that have the ability to make payments as fast as in seconds after you’ve requested a withdrawal. Check our list and see for yourself.

Are There Any Limits at Fast Payout Casinos?

Yes. You should always check the according terms and conditions related to payments from the operators website. Usually there is some sort of daily, weekly or monthly limit in place. We will include this information in all of our reviews.

What Are the Quickest Payment Services?

The fastest withdrawals are provided by e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz and different banking services such as Interac, Trustly, InstaDebit and iDebit. Bitcoin withdrawals are also incredibly quick - as are other crypto currencies.