This privacy policy has been created to comply with the European Union GDPR requirements considering the data processed by List.Casino, also referred as ”we”, ”us”, ”our” or ”site”.

Why We Collect Data?

We are collecting our users’ e-mail addresses via voluntary newsletter subscription form based on visitors’ agreement. This data is used mainly for contact and marketing purposes.

What Do We Collect?

We are keeping a list of our subscribed users’ email addresses. The list will only include the data from visitors who have given their consent on receiving our newsletter and other communication. This data will not be passed on to third parties and we are following the best practices of the GDPR standards on data processing. Only the e-mail address and related username/account name are stored.

How We Collect Data?

All data in our database is collected through our newsletter subscription form found on our site and possibly during other circumstances when our users present their data.

Processing the Data

We never hand over our data to third parties. Data can be transferred outside of the European Union by the data processor for processing purposes.

Data Protection

List.Casino is abiding absolute meticulousness with your personal data and it will be protected in guideline with the standards. We are storing the data in accordance with both physical and digital protection measures regarding our cloud-based storage. Your data is always processed with confidentiality and only by the people directly associated with it.

Requesting Your Personal Data

Based on the GDPR regulation, you are always entitled to request your personal data collected by us. If you want to check your details, you can contact our DPO. Users are able to request removal or update regarding their personal data in our database. All inquiries will be replied within the GDPR set timeline.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Contct us at:

Data Collector

NP Marketing OÜ
Reg. 14444350
Juhkentali 8-2
10138, Tallinn, Estonia