Epic $16,5 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot: 4th Biggest Win in History!

Epic $16,5 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot: 4th Biggest Win in History!

It finally happened! Players have been waiting for Mega Moolah to pop for weeks and now the time has come. One lucky player from Canada snatch massive jackpot on 5th of April. And it was not any old win but a whopping $16,495,060 jackpot that will definitely go down in history.

This was the fourth biggest win ever recorded in an online jackpot slot and the third biggest for Mega Moolah. It was the ninth time Mega Moolah gave a jackpot worth more than 10 million dollars - so if someone is still doubting its reign as the best jackpot game in the world, they are seriously mistaken.

The win itself is still a bit of a mystery because we do not know who won it and which casino he/she was playing at. We do know that it was paid in Canadian dollars so the player clearly resides in the Great White North. Canadian Casinos have been on fire lately because in 2019 the record breaking win of $20,057,734 was also rewarded to a Canadian player.

Long wait, massive reward

Mega Moolah really knows how to build suspense. Players were waiting for the new jackpot for nearly three and a half months and during the last final weeks the jackpot amount was rising hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. The average win of $5,5 million was passed ages ago and it seemed that we might get another Guinness world record win. But finally the jackpot popped in the beginning of April with an impressive 16,5 million dollar win.

But we do not need to suffer from the regular jackpot hangover. Because players all over the world were playing the game so much and the jackpot was increasing so rapidly, there was some money left over. This means that the new progressive jackpot started at 7 million (so way over the average win). Normally the jackpot will reset to one million so this is a massive improvement and it means that we can expect another win in the upcoming weeks!

While we wait for another lucky winner, let's check out what kind of jackpots Mega Moolah has been handing out in the history.

Mega Moolah TOP 5 jackpots

  1. 28th of September at Grand Mondial: €18,915,721
  2. 30th of January at Zodiac Casino: $20,057,734 - to Canada.
  3. 5th of April at unknown casino: $16,495,060 - to Canada
  4. 6th of October at Betway: Β£13,212,882 - to Great Britain
  5. 5th of March 2019 at Luxury Casino: $12,945,603