Hold and Win Games Are on the Rise

Hold and Win Games Are on the Rise

The latest trend in slot games is Hold and Win feature. How it works and what is behind the rising popularity? This article aims to answer these questions.

It is interesting how some niche qualities become popular trends in the world of online gambling. The games are getting more sophisticated and complex but that doesn’t always guarantee players’ interest. Hold and Win slots are currently the hottest new development after Megaways and Bonus Buy games so it is a good time to discuss them further.

What is a Hold and Win Game?

To be short and precise, the name is very descriptive and self-explanatory. Videoslots made with this mechanic have a function that makes certain symbols to hold or stick on the reels creating larger than usual cumulative wins.

Usually this feature kicks in when a player lands a certain number of coins, medals or any other dedicated symbols on the reels. It can be either during a bonus game, regular play or both. Once locked, there will be respins or free spins involved to facilitate stacking more symbols and larger wins.

How Hold and Win Slots Work?

As usual, a certain amount of scatters or special symbols are required to appear on the game table. In some cases they need to pop up on specific reels such as the 3 in the middle. This depends on the slot designer and the in-game rules.

When a player has triggered Hold and Win feature the existing symbols will stick to their places and other icons are wiped off the screen. After that the respins start to roll and it can work in two ways. Either so that the respins keep on coming everytime new symbols are locked or the player gets a fixed number of respins.

Every new coin etc. during this feature will grow the total win up to the point where the whole game table is full. Once the reels are full of these symbols or the player runs out of respins, the feature ends and the total win is calculated.

Thanks to this cumulative effect Hold and Win slots offer larger than average wins and even jackpot prizes in some cases. The largest wins are achieved when there is a special symbol on every reel and row of the table.

Most Popular Hold and Win Games

The gaming providers have noticed this rising popularity of these slots so the selection is growing at a fast pace currently. There are already dozens of games using this mechanic, giving players a good choice to select titles with different themes and styles.

These are currently some of the most popular Hold and Win slots available:

Big Bass Hold Spinner Megaways

  • The Dog House Multihold
  • Wolf Land Hold & Spin
  • Joker Coins Hold & Win
  • Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways
  • Pirate Chest Hold & Win
  • Candy Wild Bonanza Hold & Spin

Pros and Cons of Hold and Win Games

There are some main reasons why players worldwide have started to play these type of slots more than ever. Of course the more these kind of games appear, the more they are played. But this is only part of the story.

The main pros are:

  • Chance to hit big wins: Due to the mechanics, the wins will cumulate easily. This means that players can win larger sums with smaller bets than on average.
  • Added unpredictability: Compared to normal slots, Hold and Win feature brings extra excitement and entertainment.
  • The cons are:

  • High volatility: Since the return-to-player is average, it means that the cold runs can be longer even though the wins are larger when the special feature is triggered.
  • Lower RTP: To compensate the high volatility, Hold and Win slots tend to have an average or sometimes lover RTP.

Overall, Hold and Win Games offer better chances for large wins for players who don’t use high stakes. This is a large part of the extra thrill but on the other hand one should realize that this come at the expense of winning rounds existing more rarely.