VPN-Friendly Casinos

VPN-Friendly Casinos

VPN-friendly online casinos allow players to use virtual private networks to ensure a secure and private gaming experience. Enjoy all your favorite slots and other games without making compromises on safety.

Below you will find all VPN-friendly online casinos that do not block players who are using VPN services. All casinos are reviewed and licensed - and now you can add the extra layer of security with VPN’s as well.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a secure, encrypted connection over the internet from your device to a network that allows you to disguise your real IP address, encrypt your personal data and by-pass geo-targeting.

An IP address is a unique string of numbers and dots assigned to each device connected to the internet. It's like a postal address for your computer, smartphone, or any other device, that allows it to send and receive information over the internet. Your IP address can reveal your geographical location and is used by websites (such as online casinos) to identify and communicate with your device.

VPN makes it appear as if you're accessing the internet from the location of the VPN server rather than your actual location. This can help bypass geographic restrictions on content, maintain privacy, and secure data from potential threats on public Wi-Fi networks.

How VPN Friendly Casinos Work?

How VPN works

VPN-friendly online casinos are gambling sites that do not block - and actually might even encourage players to use VPN services. Since various websites can already recognize the use of VPN, blocking it is rather simple. But some casinos choose not to go through with this to provide players with an extra layer of security.

If you wish to use VPN, you need to download a VPN software to your computer or other device. There are countless option out there so make sure to choose one suitable to your needs and wallet. Once the software is installed, just turn it on. You can choose an IP address from your own country or any other country.

Using VPN services has multiple benefits for players but we NEVER encourage our readers to use it to break country gambling laws and regulations.

Benefits of Using a VPN

Using a VPN has multiple different benefits with the most important one being safety. VPN’s will protect you against cyber attacks and possible data leaks and block harmful websites and ads. So it’s not just beneficial for casinos players but for everyone browsing the internet.

VPN can also be used to mask your current location. So if you are traveling in a country that does not allow gambling, you can still access your gaming account by using a VPN service.

If you have read the bonus terms & conditions of any online casino, you have probably read this: only one bonus offer is allowed per person, family, address, email, IP address…. So if you are using a public wi-fi, you might want to use VPN to ensure that there are no issues with bonus offers.

Keep Rules and Regulations in Mind

Let us make this abundantly clear: VPN is not a tool for players to break laws, rules or regulations. If you use a VPN service and experience any issues, it might be due:

  • Bonus abuse: if you are trying to claim the same bonus multiple times by switching your IP address, your account will be closed when the online casino finds this out.
  • Multiple accounts: each and every online casino only allows one account per player. So do not try to use a VPN to create multiple accounts.
  • Country rules and regulations: It might be tempting to change your IP address to bypass the strict gambling laws in your country. But since most casinos ask you to confirm your personal details with a passport or other form of identification, you will get caught eventually.
  • Underage gambling: different countries have different laws regarding underage gambling. Waiting until you are of legal age might seem daunting but using a VPN to appear to be from a country that has different regulations will come back to bite you in the butt. Online casinos are notorious for adhering underage gambling laws.

Which VPN Should Players Choose?

There are countless different VPN service providers but we encourage you to choose a well-known option. Also, when it comes to VPN’s, free is not always the best choice since free services sometimes sell customer data to third parties. So paying a few bucks per month is completely worth it.

Here are some good VPN providers:

  • NordVPN
  • OVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Freedome

Safety at VPN Friendly Casinos

A virtual Private Network is a great way to make gambling even safer. Online casinos have extensive KYC procedures to ensure that all online gambling laws and regulations are being monitored. So using a VPN while you are inserting your personal information adds another layer of safety since your data cannot be intercepted by hackers.

When you are choosing an online casino, always make sure it is licensed by a well-known gaming authority. Safe licenses include Curacao, Malta, Estonia and Kahnawake gambling licenses which are closely monitored by proper authorities.

Crypto casinos are often the most VPN-friendly online casinos. And there are still plenty of virtual currency casinos that operate without a license. It might be tempting to choose a casino that allows the use of a VPN and completely anonymous gambling but it is not worth the problems that come with unlicensed casinos.

VPN-Friendly Casinos Legality

VPNs are 100% legal in almost all countries. Their main use is to protect the user against cyber attacks, malicious websites and ads and encrypt your personal data before it reaches the casino’s server.

It also has other benefits that specially apply to gambling. So using a VPN while playing is completely legal unless the casino has banned it or you are using it specifically to break country gambling laws. So if you are playing in Canada and you have VPN with a Canadian IP address, it is completely fine. If you are from the US and are trying to break stare regulations to make it seem you are from Canada, then issues might arise.

So VPNs themselves are a useful tool to ensure your safety when browsing the internet. But as with many other inventions, it can also be used wrong. But using a VPN to break gambling laws does not make the VPN illegal - it is still the action itself that is the issue.

Key Takeaways

  • A VPN allows you to mask your IP address to maintain privacy, bypass geographical restrictions and protect you against cyber attacks.
  • VPN-friendly online casinos allow players to use VPN services instead of blocking them.
  • The use of a VPN is recommended whenever you are browsing the internet.
  • VPN services are 100% legal - just make sure not to use them to break gambling laws.
  • Especially bitcoin casinos are very VPN-friendly.