Biggest Jackpot in History: €42,149,180!

Biggest Jackpot in History: €42,149,180!

WowPot has just made history by spitting out the biggest progressive jackpot win in the history of online slots. The final jackpot rose to a whopping €42,149,180 which is twice as big as the previous record.

For the past couple of months, everyone has been anxiously waiting for the WowPot jackpot to explode. The game has been shattering records left and right and finally released the massive €42,1 million WowPot jackpot.

But how did this historical win happen?

What Do We Know so Far?

The full details of the big win have not yet emerged but we are keeping our ears open and will update you once we know more about who won the main prize, which casino the players was playing at and which Wowpot slot was the winning game.

What we do know is that the massive win happened on the 20th of December at 03:10 UTC. The €42,149,180 jackpot was paid in euros so the player comes from Europe (not Great Britain).

It took 2 years and 34 weeks before Wowpot finally released the record-breaking jackpot. The previous world record was €19,429,358. It was awarded to a Belgian player on 27th of April 2021 at Napoleon Casino.

Mega Moolah previously held all the top 4 spots but now a new sheriff has emerged and the title of the biggest jackpot game has transferred to WowPot.

We at want to offer our congratulations to the lucky player!

The article will be updated once more details come up.