Oops! Seems like the casino you are searching for is closed or no longer accepting players from your country. There is also a chance that the brand is blacklisted and we can not recommend it to our readers. Or better news - the brand has not yet been opened and you have found our detailed preview!

Online casinos are foremost businesses and since the competition is so fierce, not all brands succeed. Even though we only pick the best possible casinos to our site, every once in a while we are informed about brand closures. So if you have ended up here that is probably what has happened. In addition to closures, list.casino sometimes has to end our co-operation with certain casinos due to negative feedback or unethical conduct.

But luckily there are plenty of high quality casinos to try out! Below you will find a list of the hottest casinos at the moment. These gaming sites are 100% reliable and have all gotten a high grade from our review team. Casinos mentioned below are not closed or blacklisted - they are shown as reliable options for the brand you were looking for!

Casino Closed — What Happened?

There are multiple reasons why online casinos might close their doors. The gaming industry is very competitive and not all brands succeed - simple as that. Even though the casino might be good or even great, it can still get trampled by the competition. So the most common reason for a casino closure is that it is no longer profitable. In layman's terms this means bankruptcy.

When we are talking about companies relating to gambling, it is very important that their financial situation is strong. This is one the aspects gaming commissions look into before granting a license to a gaming site. But let us put your mind at ease - all online casinos need to hold their own money and player’s money on separate accounts. So your deposit will not be used to pay the electrical bill. This means that even at the event of a closure, casinos can usually return the money players have on their accounts.

We also want to highlight the fact that sometimes casinos only stop accepting players from certain countries. The gaming laws around the world are constantly changing and some online casinos react to those changes quite rapidly. So if you favorite casino gives you the boot, it might be because you try to log in from a country they do not accept anymore. E.g. players from Australia cannot play at all online casinos - this is a shame but there really isn’t nothing to do about it. We do not encourage players to violate country restrictions.

Sometimes closures are only temporary. It is quite a common practice to take down a website for a while due to updates - especially if the casino has changed ownership. It makes sense that the new owners want to do a facelift to the brand and improve the provided services.

Withdrawals from Closed Casinos

Closed online casinos

Obviously the first thought that comes to mind when discussing casino closures is ”what will happen to my winnings?”. This is rarely an issue because online casinos usually give a heads up before they shut their doors permanently. All players will receive a message with a due date when the winnings need to have been withdrawn. Commonly you have a couple of weeks or a month to complete the process.

So if you have funds on your gaming account and you hear that the casino is closing, just log in to your account and request a withdrawal. Make sure you have verified your account with the proper documents so your payout can be processed swiftly. We encourage that you do not leave the withdrawal to the last possible minute.

Sometimes the casino will be closed immediately but this does not mean that your money is gone. First check out what information they provide on the website. Are there instructions what to do or is there an email address where you can send your account and banking details? Especially casinos that are licensed within the EU, handle this process very well so you do not need to worry.

But if for some reason you are not given any instructions or you cannot get hold of the customer service, you can always contact the license provider directly. The gaming authority is there for you so in case of any misconducts, you can always get in touch with them.

How Do I Make a Withdrawal from a Closed Casino?

  1. If the casino is still open, log into your account and request a withdrawal.
  2. Depending on the payment method, it will take 1-5 days for the money to arrive.
  3. Make sure you have verified your personal details, address and payment method.
  4. If the casino does not allow you to log in anymore, contact the customer service to ask for a money return.
  5. In case you cannot get in touch with the customer service or they refuse your withdrawal, go directly to the license provider.

INFO!Especially with big casino companies, players might be directed to a another online casino in their portfolio. Your details and your money are automatically transferred there: so you can either continue playing at the new casino or make a withdrawal from that website. So the most important thing is to follow the instructions given by the online casino.

My Gaming Account is Closed

In some cases the casino might not be closing but your gaming account has been frozen. In 99% of the cases this is because the player has violated casino’s terms and conditions that have been put there to comply with gaming laws. We have listed the most common reasons why your gaming account might be closed:

  • Underage gambling: Online casinos cannot accept players who are not legally allowed to gamble. This behavior will always lead to the closure of the gaming account. You might be able to open an account with false information but at the latest the fraud will be noticed during an attempted withdrawal.
  • Violating country restrictions: The gaming laws are very different in individual countries. Some don’t allow gambling at all, some require a specific license and so on. That’s why online casinos are very pedantic in making sure the comply with these regulations. So it does not matter which country you are originally from - it only matters where you currently live. Players have to prove this information with a current bill or letter from an official authority.
  • Creating more than one account or using someone else’s details: One player can only have one account per casino. Simple as that. Sometimes gamers attempt to create duplicate accounts to claim more bonuses but again casinos will find out about that immediately since they track the IP addresses. Also creating an account with someone else’s name and personal details is highly forbidden - and even against the law.

But if you follow the simple rules of online casino, you do not need to worry at all!

Blacklisted Online Casinos

This happens very rarely but sometimes list.casino needs to add a casino to our blacklist. We do this to warn gamers about the rotten apples so you do not have to waste your time - or your money. We are extremely specific about the brands we review so luckily we have to use this extreme measure very rarely.

So how does a casino end up in our blacklist? We are constantly listening to the feedback players give us and if we start to hear the same names over and over again in a negative light, we have to reflect that on our reviews as well. So e.g. if the casino does not accept withdrawals or ignores players messages, it might end up blacklisted.

If the casino stops paying its partners (i.e. us) it is definitely a red flag. Even though we are very picky with our partner casinos, even our experienced team cannot foretell what casinos will succeed in the tough competition. And when a brand stops paying its partners, it is just a matter of time when they run out of money to pay gamers as well. When the bills start stacking up, we will stop the co-operation.

When an online casino loses its license, it will automatically get blacklisted. No exceptions. If the gaming authority finds misconducts and revokes a license that sends a very strong message about the reliability of the casino. One ”good” example is Mr Ringo Casino whose license was taken away by the Malta Gaming Authority. The measure was very drastic but it’s good to know that MGA is keeping the online casinos on a very short leash.

Casino Previews: Find New Brands First

There is also a happier reason why you were redirected to this page. You might have been reading one of our detailed previews that was written before the casino has opened! In this case we urge you to be patient - we will inform gamers immediately when a new hot casino opens. In the mean time you can check out other interesting casino brands.

So why do we write previews? The team behind list.casino has been working in the industry for over a decade and this means we often hear about new brands way before their launch date. And of course we want to share the information immediately so our readers have something to look forward to.

And how do players recognize whether a casino has been closed, blacklisted or just a preview? Well first of all, all blacklisted casino have an overall grade of less than 5. There are also clear warnings saying "DO NOT PLAY HERE" or "BLACKLISTED." And when it comes to casinos that have been closed, we will include this information at the beginning of the review.

A preview is very easy to spot. We headline informs when the casino is expected to launch and usually we include a "opening soon" logo. The grade is also usually at least 8 (especially if we have loads of positive information about the brand).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online Casinos Close Down?

There are multiple reasons but the most common one is: they go under. The competition between casinos is so fierce that only the best ones survive. Sometimes companies with multiple brands close casinos that are not profitable enough.

Can I Still Withdraw Money From My Account?

Usually casinos allow players to log in to their account and ask for a withdrawal before the operations shut down permanently. If you have funds on a casino that is closing, contact their customer service to find out more.

What Are Blacklisted Casinos?

We can add a casino to our blacklist for multiple reasons: bad feedback from gamers, the loss of a gaming license, problems with money transfers or failure to pay partners.

Why Is My Gaming Account Closed?

Most commonly this is because of misconduct e.g. violation of country restrictions, playing before legal age or opening multiple accounts to the same casino.