Bonus Crab is a fun and unique online casino claw machine game that allows you to exchange different toys into free spins, bonuses and other rewards. Just wait for your turn, guide the crane into a desired position and claim your prize!

You will find the Bonus Crab claw machine at dozens of different casinos - and there is even a special version for sport bettors. Read how to operate the machine and check out all the best Bonus Crab casinos!

Bonus Crab Casinos


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Bonus Crabs are currently available at all Rabidi N.V. casinos. And that amazing because a) Rabidi N.V. is responsible for some of the best casinos of the last decade and b) they are constantly launching new online casinos. The first Bonus Crab is usually included in the welcome package so you can immediately see how the process works.

We have listed all the best Bonus Crab casinos above. These brands are all 100% reliable and have a great game selection, safe payments, amazing promotions - and of course, Bonus Crab prizes.

Bonus Crab: An Innovative New Bonus System

Bonus Crab casinos

If you have ever visited a fair, an arcade or an amusement park, you have probably either tried or at least seen a claw machine. The big, see-through box filled with various toys and a massive claw trying to reach the desired stuffed teddy. You get the picture.

Now imagine all this - but just change the setting to an online casino. And the stuffed teddy bear to free spins, real money prizes, coins or bonuses. That is Bonus Crab.

It is a completely unique bonus that players can qualify at certain casinos once a day. You will literally be able to guide a giant crane towards different toys and pick the one that comes with a benefit or your liking.

The whole experience is very interactive and even leaves room for strategy. When you are waiting in line, you can skip your turn if the toy you are eyeing out is stuck under another one and come back a little later.

How to Use Bonus Crab Claw Machine:


Players can qualify for a try at the Claw Machine every 24 hours simply by making a deposit.

Total Time: 10 minutes


1. Make a $15 deposit with your chosen payment method

Once you have made your deposit, join the queue.


2. When it’s your turn, click the orange "GO" button

You’ll have 30 seconds to catch the prize you are after.


3. Use the arrow keys to move the claw.

Once the crane is over the preferred prize, click the ”grab” button


4. Claim the prize and collect the bonus

Each toy comes with free spins, bonus, coins or real cash.

Arvioitu kulu: 15 CAD

What Bonus Crab Prizes Can I Get?

As you can see, the claw machine is filled with various different stuffed animals. Each of these animals is connected to a certain bonus that will be awarded to your account if you succeed in your mission. Players can always aim for a certain prize but fear not - whatever animal you get, you are in for a treat!

  • Owl: get $15 in real cash without wagering
  • Teddy: crab 20 free spins (games will change)
  • Elephant: claim $45 worth of bonus money
  • Octopus: you are rewarded with five coins
  • Duck: enjoy 40 free spins to various games

The real monet cash prize is added to your real money balance and must be played through once (as any other deposit). The bonus money on the other hand need to be wagered 50x before asking for a withdrawal. The winnings from free spins come with a wagering requirement of 40x. The coins on the other hand can be exchanged into free spins, bonus money or free bets at the bonus shop.

Terms & Conditions

As with all promotions, Bonus Crab also comes with different terms & conditions. The claw machine is available to players who have an account at any of the Rabidi N.V. casinos. We will also remind our readers once more that you must wait 24 hours before you can qualify for the Bonus Crab again.

In addition to the wagering terms mentioned below, the prizes also have win caps. Only the real money cash and coins are excluded from this. With bonus money, the maximum win will be equal to 5x the initial bonus amount. So e.g. if your bonus is $20, you can win $100. With free spins the net win cap is set to $75.

If you happen to catch more than one toy, the casino will randomly choose which prize you are given. So with one round, you can only win one prize.

Bonus Crab: FAQ

What are Bonus Crab casinos?

Bonus Crab is a claw machine game that can be found at certain online casinos.

How does Bonus Crab work?

Every 24 hours players can qualify for the Bonus Crab and use the claw to pick and grab various different prizes.

What can I win from the Bonus Crab?

Bonus Crab rewards include free spins, real money, coins and bonus money.