MrGreen's $10,000 of the Dead Tournament

MrGreen's $10,000 of the Dead Tournament

MrGreen is definitely one of the biggest (and most popular) online casinos in the world. They are constantly pampering players with exciting offers and this week brings no exception to that rule. The Green Man is organizing a massive $10,000 tournament where 100 winners are rewarded with real cash prizes.

Ancient Egypt has been the theme in many campaigns this month and the same trend continues at MrGreen as well. The dead have come back to our world but it's you who is doing all the hunting - and yes, we are referring to stone cold cash not brains in this case. And to make our bad pun clearer, the campaign slots are of course Book of Dead and Legacy of Dead.

The tournament basics are very simple. All you need to do is play any of the tournament games and try to claim the highest possible win with one spin. Players who get the highest single-spin wins will shoot to the top of the leaderboard and are rewarded with cash prizes. Simple as that!

How the tournament works:

  1. Go to MrGreen Casino and open an account if you do not have one.
  2. Play either Book of Dead or Legacy of Dead with real money.
  3. The goal is to get the highest possible win during one spin.
    --> Points are counted as follow: Win/bet x Game Coins = Score.
  4. Winner will get a $3,000 cash prizes while second and third player are rewarded with $2,000 and $1,000.
  5. Rest of the cash prizes are divided as follows: 4th- 5th: $500, 6th-10th: $150 and 11th-100th: $25.
  6. The tournament is valid until 1st of June.

Boosted Reel Thrill Tournaments

One of the many exciting things MrGreen has to offer are Reel Thrill Tournaments that start every 15 minutes. In these tournaments, players can chase cash prizes and free spins 24/7. Participation is very simple: you only need to join in a Reel Thrill of your choosing and play the campaign slot or slots.

Your goal is to get the biggest possible percentage win during 20 spins. This determines how many points you will get on the leaderboard. The mathematic behind this works as follow: the amount you win during your first 20 spins is divided by the amount you have wagered and then multiplied by 20. So if you play $10 during the first 20 spins and win $100, you will get 200 points (100/10x20).

In each Reel Thrill, you fill find details about the campaign slot and the minimum bet. Make sure to follow these instructions and you might be the next Reel Thrill winner. If you have not tried Reel Thrills before - now is a good time to start. Because in June MrGreen is handing out Boosted Free spins - there is 1,000 free spins more than normally in each tournament.

MrGreen's Bonus Package

Mr Green has been around for over 10 years and it has become a true fan-favorite. The site is very international and offers different bonuses and services for players around the world so it comes as no surprise that they are treating Canadian players very well. MrGreen has reserved a very nice welcome bonus for all Canucks so if you are looking for a top casino with a massive offer, you've come to the right place.

The package includes $1,200 worth of bonus money and 200 free spins that can be played at Book of Dead slot. When you deposit for the first time, you can claim a 100% match-up bonus up to $100. In addition to that, all the free spins are given right after the deposit. The other bonuses are divided to next four deposits: second deposit brings a 50% bonus up to $100, third deposit gives a 50% bonus up to $200 and for the last two, you can grab a 25% bonus up to $400.

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