NetEnt Published Revolutionary Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot System

NetEnt Published Revolutionary Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot System

World leading online casino gaming provider Net Entertainment has announced their brand new customer engagement product during the first day of ICE London 2020 gaming conference. Company states that this highly customizable system will make their games even more rewarding.

NetEnt has managed to develop an interesting and advanced new function to support its award-winning games’ customer engagement with a revolutionary community jackpot concept. By playing their games players will receive Starburst Tokens, which enable them to get a piece of community jackpots with other players.

This will unite gamblers as a PowerPots meter will only be triggered when players are collecting tokens in cooperation with each others and fill the progress bar. When the meter meets its target all participating players will be awarded with share of the jackpot prize money. It doesn’t matter if you’re not logged in when the jackpot is triggered as your share will be paid to you even when you’re offline. So you don’t have to be on alert and stare at the screen 24/7.

Even though those tokens have been named after the iconic Starburst slot it apparently doesn’t mean anything more. NetEnt has just used its strong and famous brand to make this new system easier to approach and interesting for big masses. So you won’t be receiving your winnings in Starburst free spins, you don’t have to play this very game for getting the tokens nor your prize is not be only wagered in Starburst. One thing is for sure that Starburst among other NetEnt games will be on the list of slots that generate you tokens.

These are the key details we were able to draw out of NetEnt’s press release regarding Starburst PowerPots and it was probably aimed more for B2B clients as the annual ICE London 2020 igaming conference kicked-off today.

How Starburst PowerPots Works?

So let’s start with the facts we certainly know before going into deeper speculation. So by playing NetEnt’s games in the future customers will also be collecting tokens that are both increasing the PowerPots Meter and giving players a cut from the community jackpot once triggered.

It is still a bit unsure what are the prizes in this system as NetEnt did inform us that the system is extremely customizable based on every operators preferences. Out strong belief is that the jackpot would be purely cash and the prize pool will be divided between the participants in the community based on the number of tokens collected. So for example if the jackpot would be €1,000,000 and player A collected 1% of the total tokens and player B 0,01%, would the first player receive €10,000 and player B €100 based on their proportion of tokens collected. To put it more clearly, the more tokens you collect, the bigger your cut of the jackpot will be.

Obviously we can’t be fully sure that the jackpots are everytime and everywhere just cash as the system is very much controlled by single casinos or casino groups. There is a possibility that operators could choose to make jackpots consisting of free spins, free bonus money or something else but the time will show us.

Also the social and community aspect of the system is still a bit mysterious. As to our understanding casinos can now organise own jackpots within the casino for its own players exclusively. In addition there is another possibility that we could see even communities within the casino as for example there could be different group jackpots based on nationality, gender etc. This could be interesting as we’d see battle of the sexes, international match-ups and so on. If we take a look at the other end of this it is quite likely that large corporations are organising multi brand jackpots. For example Genesis Global could organise jackpots that are available for play in all of their casinos so when you play at Casino Gods and Kassu Casino for example you would collect tokens for the same prize pool at both sites.