Weekly $5,000 Lucky 7 Cash Race at Gambola

Weekly $5,000 Lucky 7 Cash Race at Gambola

Win weekly cash prizes just by playing your favorite games at Gambola Casino! Join now their Lucky 7 Cash Race and win some nice extra real money rewards.

It is racing time so go and get your racing suit on, tighten the strap of your goggles and start your engine! You can now race weekly at Gambola during September meaning four weeks of hard battle against your fellow players.

Every Monday the scoreboard is reset and you’ll have a new chance for grabbing those juicy real money prizes. The prize pool is $5,000 weekly and the top 107 players each week are sharing this amount. Maybe you’ll be one of them this week?

How the campaign works?

This promotions is super simple but so much fun! Just play your favorite casino games including slots and live casino for example and collect cashback bonuses. Of course the more you play the more you’ll generate automatic cashback. Players with most cashabck accumulated at the end of the week are sharing the $5,000 prize pool.

As the campaign goes under the name Lucky 7, there are boosted prizes for all players positioned in the places with number 7 included. This means that for example the player who finishes 7th in the overall leaderboard of the week is actually earning more than the player who finishes 6th.

To improve your chances you should really make the best out of Gambola Plus Cashback Boost. You can score double points when playing specific Cashback Boost games that are only available at certain times and on certain days only. Go on and signup to Gambola’s newsletter so that you’ll never miss your chances.


So the total prize pool is worth $5,000 every week and this amount is shared among the top 107 participants. We will not be listing all those prizes here but will highlight some of the key details reagarding the prizes.

The best player i.e. the customer who has generated the most cashback each week will be awarded with a $1,000 prize. The runner-up will receive $500 and the third $300. Prizes are descending gradually position by position and the 107th player will get $7. However, because of the Lucky 7 setup, this is actually as much as players between 68th and 76th place are receiving. The smallest prize is $4 that is paid for players situated between 103th and 106th positions.

So let’s say that you are for example 8th or 18th in the competition and you still have time to catch up the guy or girl in front of you. There migh be a big differnce because of those improved Lucky 7 prizes as for example the 7th player is getting $177 but for example the 6th gets $160 and the 8th only $140. If you spot a chance for some strategic tricks to secure those Lucky 7 posititions, you should definitely be smart and go after them!

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Now it is about time to create an account at Gambola Casino if you still haven’t done so. When you create your account now, your first deposit will be 100% risk free! Either double up your money or get your money back up to $40.

When you make your first payment to your account you’ll have 24 hours to try to double your money. If you succesfully do so and manage to win you can keep your winnings normally and keep playing or withdraw your funds immediately. If you lose your capital while trying to win, no worries! You’ll be compensated the whole sum 100% in cash, which is also withdrawable instantly.

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