Millions of gamers across the globe are engaging in Counter Strike esports as players or spectators. That’s why CS:GO gambling sites and esports gambling in general have gained outstanding popularity as a side effect. We have verified and checked hundreds of online casinos to make this list of best CS:GO gambling sites and esports betting providers for your convenience. These are the top licensed online casinos and sportsbooks for real money and crypto esports gamblers!

Here is our top list of the best esports casinos and betting sites. It is clear that you can always spot the best from the rest and that’s why we have done our extensive background check and research on every single one of these CS:GO ga...

What Are CS:GO Gambling Sites

CS GO Gambling Sites

The most popular esport game is without a doubt CS:GO. Counter Strike is one of the most legendary computer games originally published already in year 2000. In this game two opposing teams are fighting against each other one team posing as terrorists trying to detonate a bomb and the other team working as counter terrorist police trying to deactivate the bomb. The winner is the team that either achieves their objective first or manages to wipe out the other team off the map. The current and latest version is called Counter Strike: Global Offensive from which also the CS:GO abbreviation comes from. As this game has both the widest player and spectator base, it also has banked in on the prize money that is almost double compared to other esports.

Casinos have been traditionally places where gambling activities take place and of course online casinos are digital versions of these “playrooms” where one can gamble with real money. CS:GO gambling sites are the services that offer any gambling activities related to the actual CS:GO game and esport as a competitive form of participation. Mainly this we can say that so far CSGO casinos are sites that offer traditional casino services but also products or markets including events or elements from this particular game itself.

As we are mainly talking about real money esports gambling here, it is mostly about betting on CS:GO events, matches and tournaments through online sportsbooks. In the future it is highly possible to get additional solutions like playing against other players for real money with buy-ins just like in poker for example. This already happens with skins but the time will come when you can bet real money on yourself against others and go head-to-head with your mates.

Esports Gambling in General

So, mainly at the time of writing the main gambling product around esports has been betting by far. It has become so popular that pretty much every single sportsbook provider in the world is offering at least some events and markets from esports for their customers. The best e-sports gambling sites however can offer hundreds of matches and markets every week as they can offer odds for a dozen different games at the moment.

If you are new to CS:GO betting for example, you should always keep a couple of things in mind. The first and most important rule of any form of gambling is to only play with amounts that you are able to lose care-free. Do not ever play with loans or try to finance gambling if you don’t have the money yourself. Even though betting is one of the rare forms of online gambling where it is possible to be profitable, there is always a calculated house edge included in the odds. Only a fraction of players are able to beat the house in their own game but it requires a lot of work and knowledge.

When you decide to get into esports gambling, the first thing is to choose a fair and reliable casino or sportsbook to suit your needs. You can take a look at our list of the best esports casinos that offer bonuses, licensed games and high quality service. We have done the background check and verification on your behalf already so that you can start playing stress-free.

Then just create an account and make a deposit by using your payment method of choice. Many esports casinos are more advanced entities in the industry and usually offer a great selection of e-wallets and crypto currencies in addition to traditional bank transfers and card payments.

What Can You Play at Esports Casinos?

As the games themselves, esports is a very exciting concept for gambling and especially betting as there are so many variants involved. You should always expect the unexpected as just like in traditional sports, the outcome has a strong unpredictability factor. That is part of the reason why e-sports is so popular among both players and bettors.

Esports Casinos

The most common game and matches you can gamble on are obviously organized in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. However, currently there are almost a dozen games that bookies have added on to their lists lately as Call of Duty, FIFA and Fortnite are available for gambling.

It is tough to pick the second most popular game after CS:GO but that could be Dota 2. This is a strategy game based on legendary Warcraft 3 computer game and the name comes from Defense of the Ancients. Just like in Counter Strike, there are two teams of 5 people competing against each other. The winner is the team that can crush their opponents defense and destroy their headquarters. Usually a match lasts from 30 minutes up to an hour.

Overwatch is also one of the most played game both for the gamers and bettors. This is a first-person shooting game also played in teams. League of Legends is super popular among recreational players but also has gained a strong position in esports as a competitive sport. Rocket League is also growing fast as it is attracting players and fans from traditional sports since it is related to soccer but FIFA has likewise entered the market.

Safe Payments at CS:GO Casinos

To ensure player safety the best CS:GO gambling sites for example have put some serious security measures in place. Nothing is more important than player safety and people’s hard-earned money so every respected gaming operator is certainly doing their best to enable the safest possible money transfers on the internet.

Most of the casinos are using a 256 bit SSL encryption or 2048 bit RSA encryption methods that are among some of the strongest there is when talking about consumer level solutions. Usually large e-commerce companies and even banks use 128 bit encryption but online casinos have taken a more severe approach when it comes to overall security.

Usually there are multiple payment methods available but for gamers and e-sports casinos crypto currencies have been super popular compared to other groups of people. This has obviously something to do with the tech savy and young demographics in the gaming scene as participants normally have strong digital awareness and skills compared to people outside of the gaming community.

There are already tens of casinos that accept the most common crypto currencies as their payment methods and even offer bonuses when playing with them. You can deposit and withdraw at least Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin so far. We know that skins are very popular in CS:GO gambling sites for example but so far it is not possible to gamble with them at licensed online casinos.

However, when you engage in licensed and legit online casino gaming, you can do real money CSGO gambling safely and fairly with a chance to win real money. Also it makes it much more easier to withdraw your winnings and to use them outside of the digital world.

CSGO Skin Gambling – Is it a Scam?

Especially in Counter Strike there is this growing trend of CS:GO skin gambling and betting. In the game you can unlock special features and liveries for your weapons and gear called skins. It is always randomly drawn which skin players will get, which reminds of gambling. Some skins are more rare and exclusive and therefore valued more. Players are actively trading skins and even gambling with them since there is a market price for every item and participants can trade these skins using crypto currencies like Bitcoin. So far the highest price for an AK-47 with extremely rare skin and special features rose up to $150,000 US dollars!

This phenomenon has become so popular that there are some CS:GO gambling sites offering the possibility to gamble by using skins as payments for bets and wagers. There are even specially built games like CS:GO Roulette and Coinflip for players to place their bets using skins as their chips but we do not recommend these kind of games since there has been lots of problems surrounding them in the past.


Since this is relatively new phenomenon, there is no regulation in place or large companies participating in the business. That has led to some serious issues within the niche as games and rogue operators without any licenses or control have been accused of bunch of dodgy and unethical practices.

However, it is very possible and likely that one day we can expect larger gambling entities to take part in this CS:GO skin gambling. Hopefully we can see a good number of companies with high reputation and integrity taking part in skin betting and casino providing a trusted and safe environment for the gamers to enjoy fair products with fair terms. But at the moment we only recommend playing with real money and payment methods like cash and cryptos.

Esports Betting – Real Money Gambling Possibilities

The most common way to do e-sports gambling is to bet on matches. For example CS:GO betting at online casinos and sportsbooks has become one of the most popular forms of gambling and the most anticipated events can attract as much bettors and wagers as the largest traditional sporting events in the world.

Based on some experience we can say that there are at least 6 different esports games that almost every single sportsbook and esports casino is offering. CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 are available almost daily on the majority of online sportsbooks. Even some Starcraft and Call of Duty markets are possible to find.

Then there are some esports gambling sites that have specialized in esports betting and offer over 40 games and leagues to bet on. One of the most popular modern sites for CS:GO gambling for example is Unikrn Casino that offers maybe the best e-sports betting opportunities. You can do betting on games like FIFA, NHL, UFC and even NBA2K. Some other well-known games include Halo, Mortal Kombat, PUBG, Warcraft and even Smash Bros. just to mention a few!

You can bet on the winner of the match but also on other special markets. There is a possibilty to bet with handicaps, correct score of the match, single map winning team and the total of maps played during a match for example. The best part is that players can also claim bonuses and rewards for their betting and gambling. One can enjoy special e-sports match deposit bonuses, cashbacks and double winnings.

FAQ: CS:GO Gambling Sites

Is CS:GO Gambling Illegal?

No! You can play legally at hundreds of government licensed online casinos and sportsbooks if your country of residence has not banned online gambling.

Do CS:GO Gambling Sites Exist?

Well pretty much yes. Almost every single legit gambling site that offers a sportsbook is also offering odds on e-sports events and matches.

Can You Gamble with CSGO skins?

Playing with Skins is possible on some gambling site but there are multiple controversies surrounding this type of gaming. We do not recommend skin gambling and only focus on licensed and legal CS:GO gambling sites where you can play with real money and crypto currencies.

How Do I Gamble on Esports?

Select a verified gambling site. 2. Make a deposit 3. Check the sportsbook for the markets. 4. Place your bets and enjoy the excitement!