Crash games are the hottest thing at the moment at online casinos - and the leading game is definitely Aviator. Check out how crash games work and how you can win at Aviator!

It was simply a matter of time before online gambling software developers would innovate a way to combine interactive social media games into an online gambling format. That day has arrived and with it is coming a new generation of younger online gamblers who want to use their social media gaming skills to gamble for profits.

One of the first games of this new genre to hit the online gambling community was a game called "Aviator." Aviator was introduced in early 2019 by gaming software developer Spribe (more on Spribe below). Almost immediately, the game became a smash hit with cryptocurrency-directed online casinos because it offered casino players a simple, different, and exciting way to enjoy the online gambling experience.

How Aviator Works?

Within the social media gaming community, Aviator would be technically classified as a "crash" video gaming experience. In fact, there is no crashing, but the game would fall within that genre. More about crash video games in the section below.

The Aviator game is unlike anything the online gambling community has ever seen. It's not an Aviator slot. It's an actual video game that requires players to interact as a pilot as a plane increases altitude in preparation for takeoff.

When an online casino player first encounters what we will call an Aviator casino, meaning a casino that offers the Aviator game, they will need to find Aviator under the proper gaming category. Some casinos may classify it as a slot while others might classify it as an arcade-type game. It's even possible that some online casinos will develop a whole new category for social media gambling games.

When the player first opens the Aviator game screen, they will see a video screen that includes a flying airplane. They will have access to statistical and performance information as well as having access to the controls they will need and place wagers and make decisions. Since it's a social media-centric game, they will also see a chat option that will allow them to interact with hundreds or thousands of other Aviator game players from around the world.

Objective of Aviator


The objective is very simple. The player will start by placing a wager. In fact, there will be an opportunity to place two separate wagers during the game-playing process. They can do that from the wagering control panel. Wagers can be made with currency or cryptocurrency, depending on what each respective Aviator casino is offering as banking options. Also, minimum and maximum wagers will be determined by each respective online Aviator casino.

After placing their bets, players only have to sit and watch the plane take off and increase in altitude. The higher the plane goes before it flies off, the higher the multiplier goes. If a player with great patience and luck has the willingness to push things to the limit, they could reach a maximum multiplier of 1,000,000 times their wage. With that said, the going gets tenser as the plane's altitude keeps increasing.

As the player watches the plane increase altitude, they always have the option of taking profits. They would do that by hitting the "bet" button before the "happy plane" leaves. If they fail to hit the bet button in time, they lose their wager and can start another round. After each round, players might enjoy looking at performance statistics to see how they are matching up with other players.

What Are Crash Games?

Above, reference as made to cash games. Crash games are video games the require players to drive a car, boat, plane, spaceship, or any other type of moving object. As they drive, the objective is not to hit anything. If they hit something, their progress is delayed or they lose the game or round.

Crash games were first introduced as single-player games for video consoles. Eventually, crash games started appearing on social media gaming websites that allowed players to interact and compete against one another. As management from developers like Spribe have discovered, this is a video gaming genre that lends itself to being a viable gambling game.

Spribe - Innovative Casino Products


Spribe is a very recent addition to the iGaming and casino gaming communities. The company was founded in November of 2018. Almost immediately, the company entered into a long-term partnership to provide games for Adjarabet, the largest online casino in Georgia (the country).

During the company's first year in business, they launched P2P player games like Backgammon and Dominos. They also innovated "turbo games" like the aforementioned Aviator, plus Mines, Blackjack, Dice, Fortune Wheel, Plinko, and a host of other games with more to come in the future. It's also noteworthy that Spribe has created online poker games and card games like Bura and Seka.

Since Spribe is doing much of its marketing to crypto casinos, the games have to be certified as "provably fair". A provably fair game is one that uses a cryptographic algorithm to provide totally random results that cannot be manipulated.

All of Spribe's games are hosted on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platforms. The games all have their provably fair certification. Each game is also audited to determine the game's Return to Player (RTP) percentage. For what it's worth, the RTP percentage for the Aviator game is 97%. That's pretty high by online casino standards. The game also has a low volatility rating

By late 2020, Spribe received its gambling licenses from key regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority.

How to Win in Aviator?

Keeping in mind that Aviator offers a completely new online gambling experience, it's understandable that no one has really developed a successful game-playing strategy. The randomness of the game makes it impossible for players to develop strategies nor does it make it feasible for a player to use strategies they might use for other casino games (Blackjack, Roulette).

How to win the Aviator game really boils down to betting strategies. The one astute players seem to mention the most is a betting strategy that requires the player to place both available bets. The first and larger bet level is set at the breakeven point, which would be a multiplier of 1.5X. After setting the breakeven bet, the player can then proceed to place a second and smaller bet at a preferred multiplier point in the profit area. The higher the point, the higher the payouts and risk.

This writer recommends placing one large bet and taking modest profits as frequently as possible. That's usually the best strategy when playing low-volatility games.


While the Aviator game doesn't really offer a chance to play a video game, it does offer a unique gambling experience. The interaction with the game really focuses on the decision of when to take profits. It's a fun and interesting concept, which makes this a must-try game for anyone who visits a crypto casino.

What this game really offers is a peek into the future. It's only a matter of time before software developers start innovating truly interactive shooter and crash games that will allow online casino gamblers to wager on their gaming skills.