Crash games have been gaining immense popularity recently, and Aviatrix is riding the wave by introducing exciting new features to the world of gambling. If you're a seasoned computer game enthusiast, you may recall the flight games that were all the rage in the 90s. Well, Aviatrix now offers a similar experience in the realm of gambling with a crash game that revolves around personalized airplanes.

The game's major innovations revolve around customization, allowing players to name their own aircraft, determine its appearance, and unlock new models as they accumulate experience points. But that's not all—Aviatrix takes things a step further by offering a rare feature: the ability to compete against other players for extra prize money.

Aviatrix: How It Works?

The mechanics of the game are refreshingly simple. Before taking flight, players select their bet amount, ranging from €1.00 to €200.00. Once the aircraft is airborne, a multiplier begins to increase. The player's objective is to land the aircraft before it explodes. If successful, the player wins the accumulated multiplier at the moment of landing.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution because if the aircraft explodes, the player loses their bet entirely. In the worst-case scenario, the aircraft can explode right on the runway with a multiplier of exactly 1.00x. On the flip side, the multiplier can reach its pinnacle at an exhilarating 10,000x.

Aviatrix operates using a random number generator (RNG), ensuring that each round is completely unpredictable. While players can review the results of the previous 30 rounds, predicting future outcomes based on them is highly unlikely.

With only a 5-second break between each round, automatic betting can prove to be a handy feature. Players can place two separate bets for each round, and the payout can also be automated by setting a multiplier limit for their flights.

Provably Fair Mechanics

Aviatrix Gameplay

The flexibility of Aviatrix allows the minimum and maximum bets to vary depending on the casino. The minimum bet can theoretically be as low as 10 cents per spin or as high as $200 per round. To find the current information, simply visit the game's info section on the respective casino's website.

Aviatrix offers a medium volatility, and its 97% return to player (RTP) is higher than the average. However, in crash games like Aviatrix, the player's choices have a significant impact on the long-term outcome. If you consistently fail to land your aircraft, you'll inevitably end up losing, irrespective of the RTP.

While guaranteed and effortless wins aren't on the table, cunning players might be enticed by the idea of securing consistent small wins with multipliers of 1.10 or 1.20. However, the randomly exploding aircraft poses a frequent risk, leading to the complete loss of the bet, thereby outweighing the allure of small wins.

One noteworthy aspect of Aviatrix is that it is a Provably Fair game, giving players the opportunity to freely verify the random number generator (RNG). By copying the provided encryption key and utilizing the available transformer online, players can verify the results of previous rounds, ensuring that they have not been tampered with.

Design Your Aircraft and Unlock New Models

Aviatrix adds an enjoyable twist by allowing players to personalize the game. Right from the first level, players can name their aircraft and customize its color scheme. As the game progresses, new aircraft types become available, enabling users to select more eye-catching or classic models. Furthermore, players have the freedom to customize the appearance of their aircraft to their heart's content.

Players can unlock new levels and aircraft by earning experience points (XP) and participating in tournaments. For every dollar wagered, players receive 1 XP. In addition to cash prizes from tournaments, players can also win customization parts for their aircraft and unlock new aircraft models.

Players have had fantastic experiences with Aviatrix. While the game concept itself may not offer anything entirely new, Aviatrix has managed to infuse the existing concept with fresh and captivating elements. The combination of earning and customizing aircraft alongside cash winnings adds a gamified layer to the gameplay that keeps even the most demanding players engaged.

The aircraft designs in Aviatrix draw inspiration from classic real-life aircraft from World War I and II and recreational aviation, including biplanes and fighter jets. This attention to detail adds an extra level of authenticity and nostalgia to the game.

In addition to the game itself, Aviatrix has gone above and beyond by developing additional features. While tournaments are rare in crash games, Aviatrix has created opportunities for competitive events and campaigns, adding an element of excitement and camaraderie among players. Furthermore, the studio has plans to launch a marketplace where players can trade aircraft and their parts in the future, following the trend of NFT ownership.


As a newcomer, Aviatrix has made a remarkable entrance into the world of real money games. The innovative features, including NFT integration, showcase the studio's ability to think outside the box. Aviatrix strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and excitement, capturing the attention of even the most discerning players and immersing them in the thrilling world of crash games.