Bass Smash

Bass Smash

Bass Smash represents a new era of gaming! Smash Games introduces a new technology that replaces pay lines and reels with sectors filled with cash prizes - and makes gambling even more entertaining.

Octoplay is one of the most intriguing game providers at the moment. Founded in 2022, it consists of three different game studios: Super Hippo, Penguin King and Smash Games. We are focusing on the latter one that publishes all the ”Smash” styled games that have revolutionized online casinos.

Bass Smash is the perfect candidate for our first Smash Games review. It combines two hot trends of 2024: smash technology and fishing games. So grab your fishing rods and start chasing big wins!

How Bass Smash Works?

Bass Smash looks a lot different than your average slot. It does not have traditional symbols, pay lines or even reels. Therefore you are in for a completely new gaming experience with zero confusion.

Instead of pay lines, Smash games have different sectors. Each sector has a cash prize assigned to it and if you hit that sector, the cash prize is yours.

Bass Smash has 14 sectors with multipliers varying from 0,2x to 25x. So if you are playing with a $1 bet, this would mean $0,20 to $25 possible wins per round. In Bass Smash the main principle is simple: you lower your hook and if the sector it lands on has a fish, the correlating cash prize is yours. If there is no wish, the round is lost. Simple as that.

The minimum bet in Bass Smash is $0,10 and the maximum bet is $500. The biggest possible win is 500x your bet size so $12,500 during one round.

Bass Smash RTP and Volatility

The theoretical RTP in Bass Smash is 95,77%. It is pretty similar to regular slots - although in the lower end of the spectrum. The RTP seems to be pretty similar in all Smash Games (at least the ones that have been launched).

What’s interesting is that the volatility seems to be low in all Smash games, including Bass Smash. The wins are pretty frequent but truly massive wins are rarer. So if you prefer high risk, high reward games, Bass Smash might not be for you.

Special Features

Bass Smash Maximum Win

Despite being a simple game, Bass Smash is by no means boring. It has two very interesting special features that make gameplay even more thrilling:

  • Bomb: if you land on a sector that features a bomb, all the prizes with fishes on them are collected. The blast can also activate additional multipliers of x2 and x3.
  • Gold Fish: if a gold fish swims on the middle sector and you get your hook in it, you are earned with a 500x prize. So depending on your bet size, the fish has a potential to give a whopping $12,500.

Bass Smash also has an autoplay option where you can set the amount of rounds you wish to play.


At first we doubted the concept of Smash games. It seemed a little boring - but boy were we wrong. The technology is very fun and interesting and leaves room for countless different themes and innovations. Bass Smash combines the thrill of fish games and the brand new sector-based technique in a clever way.

Why you should try Bass Smash:

  1. You always know how much you can win in one round.
  2. Suitable for both high rollers and players who like to play with small bets.
  3. Potential to win up to 500x your stake with one spin.

It is true that the low volatility might be a deal breaker for some players but not all slots can be high risk games. Also we would have like to see Smash Games rise their RTP’s just a little bit for us to be able to give them a 5/5 rating. But they do come pretty damn close.