Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash

Evolution Gaming has done it again. Their successful show game franchise is getting a new addition with the launch of Cash or Crash. Read a detailed review below.

Since the company was founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming has successfully established itself as one of the leading casino gaming software developers in the world. Over the last seven or eight years, the company has become the world's premier live casino/live dealer software developer.

In the early years of live casino gaming, Evolution focused its efforts on traditional live online casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. As time went by, they also added different versions of games like Three Card Stud and Casino Hold'em. When the company finally started developing what the industry refers to as Live Casino Game Show games, it brought players the opportunity to play some very interesting and exciting online casino games.

It has been through great forethought and innovation that Evolution Gaming went forward with a new live casino game called "Cash or Crash." This is a brand new live online casino game, having been released in the fall of 2021.

Frankly, it's a fun and interesting game that takes the casino player on a fantasy hot air balloon ride in search of riches. The game has a good feel with great graphics and excellent audio features to complete the picture.

Cash or Crash: How it Works

As usual, an attractive dealer will be serving as host for this live casino game. The visual effects definitely create a sense of being in a hot air balloon. Gameplay is prompted by what could best be described as a lottery machine that contains three different colors of balls. Betting limits per round are .10 at the low end to 1,000.00 at the high end. By placing a wager, the player is effectively buying a ride on the hot air balloon.

Every time a green ball is drawn, players will advance up a 20 step ladder. The higher they go, the more money they will earn with multipliers. The highest base multiplier a player can get during their progression is 18,000x the wager amount.

If a gold ball comes up, it triggers a bonus game that could push the multiplier up to an astonishing 50,000x the wager. If the red ball comes up, it's bad news. The player busts, loses their bet, and gets a chance to play again.

After placing their bet, the player will watch as the dealer/host release the first ball. If the first ball is red, the game is over. If the ball is green, the player moves up one step on the ladder, which results in a higher multiplier. At that point, the player needs to make a choice. In fact, they need to make one of three choices with the choices being;

  • Continue playing to the next step on the ladder
  • Cash out half of their winnings and continue playing with the remaining half
  • Cash out all of their winnings

After one game concludes for any reason, the player can buy another ticket (bet) and play again.

Cash or Crash RTP%

Every event at a retail or online comes with established odds of winning. Each game is rated with a Return to Player percentage (RTP), which represents how much of each wagered dollar will be returned to the player in the form of winnings over a long period. If the RTP% is 95%, that means the player should win back that percentage of every dollar they wager. The difference is the operator's financial edge.

The RTP of Cash or Crash is 99.59%. That indicates that the player has a close to 50/50 chance of winning if they employ a good betting strategy. This is exactly the kind of RTP players should be looking for if their objective is making money with less risk.

Special Features


For Cash or Crash, the gold ball serves as the prompt for the game's only special feature. The significance of a gold ball is twofold. First, it adds extra value to the multiplier at each level. That's how some of the really big payouts are created. The second thing the gold ball does is give the player a shield. By having a shield, they are protected one time from the fate of the red ball.

To be clear about climbing the 20 step ladder, each game starts with a finite number of balls. That number is 24 balls (11 green, 7 red, 6 red) When a ball is drawn, the pool of balls decreases by one. After drawing a green or gold ball, the odds at each level keep going down. By the time a player reaches step 10, they face the high likelihood of a red ball coming up. That's what makes the game exciting and lucrative.


When Evolution releases a new Game Show Style live casino game, it really catches the attention of live online casino enthusiasts. That's in large part due to the fact most of these games are unique and exciting. Cash or Crash has a good feel to it driven by the ambiance of the game. The fact players get to interact with the game during gameplay only serves to create more interest and excitement.

Considering the high betting limits and the possible payouts at the higher levels of the ladder, this is a game that could produce some big wins in the coming months/years. For these reasons, playing Cash or Crash is something that should be on every online casino player's bucket list.