Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip

It was only a matter of time before the brain trust at Evolution Gaming figured out how to combine video slots with a live casino game. That time has arrived here in 2022 with the introduction of the game "Crazy Coin Flip."

It's a brilliant move to help bring online slot enthusiasts into the live casino community. They will get the opportunity to play a slot that will eventually lead them to a live dealer game where the winnings might get bigger and bigger. Let's take a look at this fascinating new game.

It's worth noting that this game has an RTP percentage of just over 96%. That puts the game on par with a lot of the top slot games on the internet. RTP is the percentage of every dollar wagered on a game that will get returned to players in aggregate over the life of the game.

Crazy Coin Flip: How it Works

Experienced live casino players might recognize a portion of this game that follows a similar game-play pattern as another live casino game. That other game is "Crazy Time" also from the studios of Evolution Gaming.

To be clear, Crazy Coin Flip does include the opportunity to flip a coin for big winnings at the end. However, players will have to do a little work before they get to that coveted coin flip. In fact, that little work includes going through the game's first two rounds, which both involve live slot tasks. That's a total of three rounds.

Crazy Coin Flip Rounds

Round 1 - The Qualification Players will get to spin what looks like a traditional slot game with a game-play matrix that includes 5 reels and 3 rows. The player will have to choose one of three modes (Normal spin, XXXtreme spin, and Super XXXtreme spin), which will help determine the number of multipliers that will be applied from Round 1 to the coin flip round.

The objective of this round is to land 3 scatter symbols, which are represented by the "Crazy Coin Flip" logo. The scatters can appear anywhere. In normal mode, the player makes a base bet without a guaranteed scatter. By selecting XXXreme mode, players pay 5x their base bet but also get 1 guaranteed scatter. With Super XXXTreme mode, players get two guaranteed scatters at a cost of 50x the base bet. After hitting three scatters on the same spin, it's off to Round 2.

Round 2 - Top Up The Top Up round is also built as a live slot game. This time, players will see a game-play matrix with 3 rows and 3 reels. Against a time limit, players will spin the reels as many times as possible until time expires. With each spin, they get additional Red & Blue multipliers that will be used to boost potential winnings on the coin flip.

Round 3 - The Crazy Coin Flip - As time expires in Round 2, the live dealer takes over to pull the lever for the coin flip. The coin has a Red side and a Blue Side, which correspond with the Red and Blue multipliers accumulated during the prior rounds. The result of the coin flip creates the player's final payout and it's back to the next Round 1 spin.

Special Features

What is special about this game is the way it allows players to accumulate multipliers, which can lead to some sizeable wins. The base game provides multipliers, the scatter symbols can create multipliers, and the Top Up Round is all about adding up multipliers. By the time a player gets to the coin flip, they could easily have a 20x to 30x multiplier, which would get calculated against their original base bet.


Initially, the concept of integrating a slot game with a live dealer game seemed a bit strange. Even the thought of any casino game built around a coin flip seemed crazy. Hence, Crazy Coin Flip.

After seeing how Evolution Gaming put Crazy Coin Flip together, they deserve credit for the innovation. What seems to work well is the fact the game moves at a fast pace while allowing lucky players a chance to hit some big wins.

As for the target audience, it seems certain slot players might be willing to give it a go if they don't mind venturing too far away from their video slots roots. Whether or not this game will appeal to live casino table game players might be another matter. The payouts are potentially decent, but the action might be somewhat simple for someone who likes blackjack or even roulette.

Taking everything into account. Crazy Coin Flip is worthy of a go. In the future, it's a good bet that Evolution Gaming is going to create more games built around a similar concept. That would be a good thing.