Gemix 2

Gemix 2

The first ever Gemix slot from Play’n GO was revolutionary in many ways. It was the first slot that used cluster mechanics instead of rolling reels. It was about time to get a new version since the original was launched already in 2014!

Gemix gained instant success after initial launch due to better than average return to player percentage, medium volatility and new gaming mechanics. It also became a popular slot among operators as due to its mathematics it was a very suitable game for free spins from both the casino’s and players’ point of view.

Once again the story takes us to the imaginary world of Sky Castle, Dwarf Mine, Princess’s Garden and Wizards Forest. Four different worlds with four different characters. Sky Knight, Mining Dwarf, Mystery Princess and Mighty Wizard are helping you on your way to big wins with special wilds.

Gemix 2 Review: paylines, minimum bet, maximum win and symbols

Have you ever played popular mobile games like Bejeweled or Candy Crush? Gemix 2 works kind of  with the same principal as winning combinations are formed in clusters of similar jewels on the gameboard sized 7x7. Every spin is randomly drawing new symbols on the blocks and the more of same symbols you can land next each other, the higher your win will be. The maximum win in Gemix 2 is now 7,500 times your bet that can be anything between $0.10 and $100.00 per round.

Symbols are once again jewels in different shapes and colors. The highest payouts are received with golden stars or purple crescent combinations. Extra wins, wilds and multipliers are possible with special features when you advance between the four worlds during the gameplay.

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Gemix 2 RTP: 96,26%

We were actually surprised that the new Gemix 2 has a lower RTP % compared to its predecessor. The original slot had an RTP of almost half a percent higher. However, the volatility has risen from medium low to medium high meaning that there are less smaller wins but the bigger wins are paying more than previously. In other words, there are fewer winning spins in the system but when you win, the multipliers are higher. The new return to player ratio is quite close to the average of online casinos in general.

Special Features

One thing is for sure, you will not get bored while playing Gemix 2! It is packed with multiple special features bringing additional layers of unpredictability and progression in to the experience. All players will start from the first world with Sky Knight as your host. He will help you to strike those golden combinations and unlocking the next world by providing shield wilds with winning multipliers.

The second world will take you underground as you’ll be working with the Dwarf Miner. His special skill is to randomly splash up to 10 lantern wilds all over the game table on any given spin. Princess will be assisting you with her magic mirror that will create wilds reaching across the board horizontally from side to side enabling super combinations. Lastly but not least, you’ll enter the magical forest of the Wizard whose book wilds are sticky and will stay on the table as long as combinations are formed and new symbols are falling in.


You probably know the Crystal Charge from the first editions? It has been added to Gemix 2 also and there are 5 different special effects available when you fill-in the charge meter. Nova Blast will explode a random symbol and create winning combinations with the surrounding blocks. Crystal Warp is transforming and unifying symbols when triggered and Light Beam will spread its rays randomly all over the gametable with new winning combinations. Chain Lightning will combine two corner blocks and draw lines crossing the whole board also changing symbols along the way to similar icons. Crystal Charge will trigger always when you hit combinations of 25 or more. If you manage to get combinations higher than 50, the Super Charge with all of the features mentioned triggered simultanously with a change of mega wins.

Every time you advance from a world to another a mysterious traveling salesman called G-Nome appears. He has two pockets stitched to his coat and asks you to pick one. If you make the correct choice, you’ll win an additional World Bonus you have collected during your spins on each level.


This is a solid update for Gemix as this 2.0 version is bringing this classic cluster slot beautifully to the new decade. Graphics and sounds have been improved and higher max win and volatility will make the whole experience more exciting. Great amount of special features and effects are keeping players up to their toes on every single spin as everything can happen, which is absolutely fantastic. Even the most demanding online casino veterans will enjoy this slot definately!