Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 is yet another showcase of Yggdrasil Gaming’s brilliance. It is a fascinating game with five different jackpots, free spins, treasure chests and a pick and click bonus game.

Yggdrasil Gaming is always coming up with new and innovative slots. They have previously launched countless jackpot games but the FastPot5 series is their response to the growing trend where different games share the same prize pool. We have seen this e.g. with Microgaming’s Mega Moolah games and Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop slots.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 is the second game in the series, following on the footsteps of Elysian Jackpots FastPot5. It is packed with action and we cannot wait to explore it further.

How Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Works?

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 has a standard game grid with 5 reels and 3 rows. It has 20 paylines that are paid from left to right. The only abnormalities are the keyholes at the bottom and the updating jackpot values at the top. We will explain a bit later what these mean.

The minimum bet while playing is €0,20 and the maximum bet is €40. In total there are 8 basic symbols on the reels: 2 high-paying ones (man and woman), two medium-paying ones (green shower and blue pickaxe) and four low-paying ones (J, Q, K and A).

In the base game, you can win €8,000 (with maximum bet) when five man symbols appear on the payline. The maximum win outside of the jackpots is 1,265x your bet size.

Five Different Jackpots

Gold Frontier jackpot free spins

As the name suggest, Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 does indeed have five different progressive jackpots. To activate one of the jackpots, you need to collect five gems of the same color - and then the corresponding jackpot is awarded.

The jackpots are progressive which means they keep on growing. From each bet made, 3,8% contributes towards the jackpot pool. There is no maximum amount where the jackpot stops so it can increase nicely before it explodes.

The starting values of each jackpot are:

  • Blue jackpot: €40
  • Violet jackpot: €200
  • Green jackpot: €600
  • Orange jackpot: €1,500
  • Red jackpot: €15,000

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 RTP and Volatility

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 is a low volatility game which is typical for progressive jackpot slots. The RTP on is 94%. Again this is something we see often in jackpot games but we still think it is a bit too low.

So if your goal is to chase the big jackpots, Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 is a great choice. But if you are looking for big wins outside of the give progressive jackpots, we recommend picking another game.

Special Features

Gold Frontier Jackpots pick and click game

Sit back and relax because we are in for a long ride. Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 has a lot of different special features - some are related to the jackpots and some are not. As mentioned before, the jackpot rewards are granted against five gems of the same color. But in order to find these gems, you need to active the free spins function. This can happen one of three ways:

  1. Claim three or more scatter symbols to activate the coin toss. If the flipped coin lands on free spins, you’ll get 10 free spins. With 4 scatters, you’ll also get a 50x bet and with five, a 500x bet.
  2. Collect 5 identical keys to claim 10 free spins and 1 jackpot gem. The collected keys will be inserted to the keyholes that you see at the game grid and they stay with you.
  3. Trigger free spins from the pick and click game through the coin toss feature.

There are also two different bonus games. The treasure chest bonus game activates when you either get the other side in the coin toss or collect the bonus game coin from the pick and click game. So basically the free spins and bonus game coins are constantly both in play.

In the bonus chest game, you get three different chest. Just pick one and claim either 5x-100x cash rewards or 1 random key to help you towards the jackpot free spins game.

And last but not least, allow is to introduce the pick and click game. This game activates with two scatter symbols. You must choose between five trays of dirt to uncovered the gold within. The prizes include 1x, 2x or 4x rewards, coins with free spins or bonus chest feature and 1 random key.


If there is one thing that there will never be enough of, it’s jackpot games. Yggdrasil hasn’t been able to compete with other providers when it comes to the sizes of the jackpots (with the record being over 42 million). However, they are doing a great job with the mid-level jackpots. And the benefit with these progressive jackpots is that it does not take 8 months form them to explodes.

And since the FastPot5 concept is so new, there is no way of knowing how high these jackpots can go. We like the fact that there are many different routes towards the jackpot free spins. It keeps the game interesting since there are other special features as well.

The frontier theme works nicely - even though it has been done a thousands times already. Visually it might not be the best game we have ever seen but still good enough.

One thing we must give criticism about is the low volatility and RTP. If they could increase those even a little bit, we would have given this game five stars.

Why you should try Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5

  • Plenty of action: two bonus games and free spins.
  • Five different progressive jackpots with solid start values.
  • 200x maximum win in the base game.