BIG WIN ALERT: Historical 24 Million Jackpot About to Burst

BIG WIN ALERT: Historical 24 Million Jackpot About to Burst

Soon it’s time to rewrite history when the biggest jackpot prize of all times will explode. Currently the jackpot in WowPot slots is sitting at €24,6 million ($36,2 million) and increasing by the minute.

This is the first time ever that a jackpot has gone above the magical €20,000,000 limit so we can already know that once the main prize bursts, it will be the biggest win of all time. At the moment the #1 spot is being held by Mega Moolah who rewarded one lucky players in 2021 with a €19,429,358 jackpot.

The jackpot amounts are usually given in euros but if in Canadian dollars, the current amount is already a whopping $36,200,000. And as we all know, progressive jackpots do not grow forever - and since we are already in historical figures, it is likely that the million dollar pot will explode in the next couple of days.

All WowPot games have the same prize pool. So if you feel like chasing some jackpots, just go to a casino that has these slots and start playing. We have listed all the best casinos with Wowpot games below.

When and How Will the Jackpot Burst?

The concept of progressive jackpot games is very simple. Whenever players are playing the game, a certain percentage of their bets is directed to the jackpot pool. And the more the game is played, the faster the prize pool grows. Almost all games have various jackpots, a smaller one, a medium one and of course the biggest one. In WowPot games this jackpot is called ”WOWPOT jackpot”.

And that jackpot is currently worth €24,6 million. So what if you would happen to win that amount - how can you be sure that the casino can afford to pay you? Fear not. All casinos that carry these slots, pay a monthly fee to the common jackpot fund. So once the jackpot explodes, the win is paid from this fund. So million dollar main prize never falls on one particular casino. So you can be sure that the wins will be paid.

If you wish to try your luck in any of the jackpot games, you must have an account at some online casino that carries Wow Pot games. As mentioned before, you can play any of the games in the WOWPot series. There is no required bet size so you can participate with an amount that feels comfortable to you.

In order to win the jackpot, players have to activate a bonus wheel within the game. The bonus wheel comes with four different jackpots: mini, minor, major and WOWpot.

What Games Can You Participate?

The gigantic jackpot is available in multiple different slots. All Wow Pot games share the same jackpot so you just have to make sure you are playing a slot that is a part if this ever growing series. There are over a dozen options to choose from, including the following games:

  • 9 Blazing Diamonds
  • African Legends
  • Wheel of Wishes
  • Sherlock and Moriarty
  • Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon Wowpot Megaways
  • Book of Atem
  • Queen of Alexandria
  • Sisters of Oz

The most intriguing game in the series is currently Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon that combines the insanely large jackpot wins and the popular Megaways technology. It is the first time these two features can be found on the same game! So even if you do not win the main prize, you still have solid wins to look forward to.

It does not matter which game you play - the odds for winning the jackpot are identical. But it is our responsibility to point out that there are thousands of players chasing this jackpot and only one player can win it. So do not play with money you do not have in the hopes of becoming a millionaire.