Jammin' Jars

Jammin' Jars

Jammin' Jars is an entertaining and rewarding slot from Push Gaming including cascade features with multipliers, free spins and an interesting rainbow effect. Read our slot review and discover exclusive Jammin' Jars bonus offer.

Push Gaming is back on the map with the development of the Jammin' Jars slot machine. This development is the second platform that introduces cascading wins for the player from the brand. Push Games has been in operation for over 10 years and has taken large development times to produce their machines. Keeping consistency in development terms has been a relationship that has worked in favor of the company.

How it Works?

Jammin' Jars is a cascading adventure that works to scale the playing platform. Each board is set up in the 8x8 fashion, creating 64 different positions of symbol markings. Each symbol features a type of fruit or a Jammin' Jar. Each jar holds the ability to multiply the winning percentage for the user, increasing multiples one-by-one. Each fruit cluster is cashed once a combination of 5 or more is reached. The extent at which these numbers fluctuate will fall between a winning sequence of 5 to 25 symbols.

The drop-down design of the machine releases the cascading nature of the gameplay. Each spin will drop-down the symbols to create combinations. Once a combination is released, these spaces are cleared for a fill-in. The user accumulates wins and consecutive sequences via the space clearing, which adds to the winning combo design of the machine. The colorful jars hold the multiplier releases, adding bonus spins to the current reel spin. Each time a jar comes into combination with a winning sequence, the multiplier will increase by one. This continuation goes on until there are no more sequences of 5 fruit symbols, resetting the board and starting a new spin.

Free spins are accumulated through the claim of 3 jars within any spin. Free spins are delivered in sets of 6. Once the bonus spins become activated, the jars remain in-place throughout the cascade of symbols. The bonus spins end once the combinations run dry, resetting the board for the next spin.

Jammin' Jars Free Spins

Jammin' Jars RTP and Volatility

The return-to-player percentage on this machine is a solid 96.8%. This RTP equates to a return of nearly $97 when wagering $100 in theory. Introducing a return-to-player average that nearly doubles the initial investment on a spin is a promising release for winning potential within this machine. This percentage reaches a little higher than the common industry average, creating intrigue to this cascading style slot.

We are talking about a high volatility slot since Jammin' Jars is based on the ideology of collapsing reels. This combined with the Jar multiplier feature is shaping the way of forming bigger wins more randomly but in greater sums. You might be out of luck for 10 rounds or so but once you manage to get those winning combinations dropping, there's nothing stopping you. So again in other words, this game provides large wins in spikes rather than small wins more constantly as in low volatility games.


The machine attempts to create a blast from the past. The music and sound are centered around periods from the 1970s. The colorful lights and disco balls help you get in the groove of the machine. Every now and again, the machine releases a light party signal. This call-to-action is an attempt to showcase an upcoming win or a signal to the player that the machine is running hot. During the testing phase, Jammin' Jars produced wins in positive succession after each light show was displayed on the screen.

When measuring the content design to another online slot, this title is something that is new for the Push Games brand. Candy Crush represents a similar gaming style, a technique that is newer to the world of online gambling. Keeping a single board is also a division of play that is relatively new to the online world of play. Overall, the slot combines unique features with increased winning combinations. The feel of gameplay and progression of each spin increases the excitement for the player. The presentation value that is built to this slot is on point with the overall theme created for this new style of design. This slot gains our approval with modern but vintage design and a better than average RTP.