Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice

Evolution Gaming continues their successful Lighting series with yet another great live game. Lightning Dice providers a thrilling gaming experience for all live casino enthusiast. If you are not familiar with this game, check out a full review here and find the best online casinos to try it out.

The software developers at Evolution Gaming have a real knack for innovation. They seem to understand what kinds of games casino players like to play. As the world's top developer of live online casino/dealer games, Evolution Gaming has the added responsibility of building a live gaming set that creates the feel of being in an actual brick-and-mortar casino. They always seem to hit the target.

In mid-2019, Evolution Gaming struck with a unique and exciting live casino game that became part of the developer's "Lightning" series of games. This time, the game they introduced was Lightning Dice.

Lightning Dice is kind of a mixed bag that combines parts of other popular casino games like Sic Bo and Craps. What makes this game unique is its simplicity. There is no need for players to do anything but place their wagers and watch the dice roll down the Lightning Tower. Of course, players better be on their toes. A new roll will be starting every 30 seconds, which makes the action fast and furious.

As players have come to expect from Evolution, the dealers/hosts are always attractive and polite. They keep the game flowing and hopefully the money flowing as well.

Lightning Dice: How It Works

The betting starts with the player wagering on the combined outcome of three dice. The wagering limits are set as follows: The minimum wager is 0.20 up to a maximum wager of 2,000.00 per roll.

Much like the games of Sic Bo and craps, the odds of each outcome ranging from 3 to 18 are set in stone. For what it's worth, there are 216 possible outcomes with the simultaneous roll of three dice. Instead of paying odds, Lightning dice offers multipliers that are applicable for each outcome. The highest multiplier is 149x for a total of 3 or 18 on the dice. The lowest multiplier of 4x times is applicable to a result of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13 on the dice.

Gameplay begins when the dealer/host drops the three dice down the glass-encased Lightning Tower. The camera immediately shifts to the dice so casino players can watch the dice travel down the maze/matrix until they reach the bottom. Given the speed of this game, this is the casino player's only chance for a little intrigue. When the dice reach the bottom, the final result is established and payouts are made.

Believe it or not, that's the game Lightning Dice in a nutshell. The game is fast and furious with the potential for some very big payouts.

Lightning Dice RTP%

Every casino game favors the casino. To determine the percentage of the casino's advantage, some online casino games get what the industry refers to as a Return to Player percentage (RTP%) rating. The RTP% is the percentage of every wager that players can expect to get back if they play a game long enough.

Example: A RTP% of 95% implies that the online casino player can expect to win back 95% of their cumulative bets on a particular game during a long session. The casino's advantage would the 5%.

The RTP% for Lightning Dice comes out to be 96.03%. As a point of reference, that percentage is pretty much in line with a good video slot game. The game does not have a volatility rating even though the results are always random.

Special Features


Anyone who has ever played any of Evolution Gaming's other "Lightning" games will already be aware that Lightning Dice does come with one special feature. It's called the "Lightning Strikes" feature. Here is how this feature works.

Before the start of each game and after betting has concluded, one to four numbers are randomly selected to get the Lightning Strikes multiplier boost. If a player hits the right number with the Lightning Strikes boost applicable, their potential winnings go up dramatically. As a point of reference, the multiplier for a result of 3 or 18 goes from 49x to 1,000x. At the lower end of the scale, the multiplier for the 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13 will go from 4x up to 49x With a big bet and a bit of luck, casino players could walk away with significant winnings.


If online casino players like simple live casino/dealer games that are easy to play, Lightning Dice would be a good place to start. Its simplicity comes from the fact players don't have to do anything but place their bets and hope for the right outcome.

Of course, players will need to be on their toes. With a new game starting every 30 seconds, there is very little time for celebration after a big win. That's really the point of the Lightning series from Evolution Gaming. The action is fast and furious, giving some players time to win/lose as much money as possible in a short time.

As far as a final verdict, Lightning Dice is an attractive game. The graphics and video presentation are spot on. The fact players can walk away with big winnings only adds to the intrigue and excitement. While the game is suitable for players all along the experience spectrum, this is a must-play game for the player who has a true gambling spirit.