Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune

Read full review of iconic Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot and find out your way to score some free spins possibly worth millions of dollars. What is Mega Fortune, how it works and how to get those bonus spins? Keep reading and find out yourself!

We might admit that we use words like ‘iconic’ and ‘classic’ a bit too often, agreed. But this time those very strong claims are definitely justified as we introduce you one of the true old-time online casino slot giants, NetEnt’s jackpot game Mega Fortune. In other words, we could describe it as revolutionary piece of work as legends such as Starburst or Gonzo's Quest.

This progressive jackpot slot represents an online casino game that holds many different levels of payout and jackpot intrigue. It is one of NetEnt's highest paying jackpot games with record wins including a 17.8 million euro world record jackpot in 2015. One lucky bastard, a man in his 40’s, was did win this sum with just a €0,25 bet.

How it Works?

Considering the slot claims stake to one of the largest, online payouts in the history of online gaming, the many different features, and benefits of this slot speak for themselves. The Mega Fortune slot details the life of luxury within a 5x3 slot format. Each reel holds 3 symbols. Among the most popular symbols comes the usage of face cards atop diamond-studded rings. Other symbols of intrigue include a cigar, a luxury watch, a wad of cash, a yacht, and a stretch limousine.

The game is featured within a betting setting that allows for 4 different levels of play. Each level equates to a multiplier on a per-line basis, allowing the user to wager up to 4 times their bet on a single line. The minimum bet allows the user to place a bet on 5 lines, while the maximum allows the full, 25-line play with a 4-times multiplier on each line. Being that this slot is represented as a jackpot slot, the user must wager a single bet on all 25 lines to be eligible for jackpot intrigue.

In terms of symbol evaluation, the highest representation of win equation comes from the objects. Each of the face card symbols that are placed upon shiny rings will equate to minimal wins. Digging deeper into symbol discretion, the user will be looking to secure the limousine for the highest win combination. The wad of cash symbol represents the second-highest win combination. The third-place finisher is the luxury watch. Fourth on the prize line is the cigar win combination.

Mega Moolah bonus spin

Special Features

The slot holds intrigue in free spins with the scatter bonus. Each scatter symbol claims the user their initial bet in terms of return. Reach three scatter symbols to unlock the free spins feature. Each spin feature will allow the user to select from one of three symbols. The symbol will then reveal the number of free spins allotted and will tabulate a multiplier to tie into the free spin feature.

The second bonus spins feature comes within bonus symbols. The bonus symbols must be revealed in consecutive orders of 3 in order to be eligible for the prize wheel. The bonus spins feature activates and redirects the user to the prize reel. The prize wheel contains four levels of advancement. The user advances through the stages by revealing a right arrow symbol upon a spin. Between each arrow is a monetary value. If the user is to land on a monetary value at any point during the bonus game, the feature ends with the user placing claim to the displayed amount. Advance all four stages to reveal the progressive jackpot title.

Mega Fortune Return-to-Player (RTP)%

NetEnt has branded this game as one of the most successful in all of their years of releases. The progressive jackpot was claimed during live play back in 2013, giving some intrigue of staking claim at life-changing money. The return-to-player percentage comes in at a higher rating of 96.40 percent. This percentage correlates highly for slots within this realm of reel design. The player can stand a higher rating of doubling up their funds on their deposit at a 96.40% return-to-player rate. Combining the jackpot claims with the high RTP percentage, the player can wager with confidence.


In terms of feel and look, the presentation of this game is on point with the design. Combining luxury symbols with multiple instances of bonus content helps to fit the bill of the theme of the slot. Game play pace comes full terms with quick reaction times, allowing the user to set their auto-spin feature if they desire. The functionality and performance of the bonus levels remain up to code when compared to other, like titles. This machine is designed for those looking to stake their claims at life-changing payout terms.