Rooster Fury Dice

Rooster Fury Dice

It's hot off the press. In recent months, online slot developer Endorphina has created and released a series of interesting and exciting slots - the latest one being Rooster Fury Dice.

While most of the slots stick closer to the basics, they all come to market with fun characters and lots of brilliant colors and symbols/logos. In most cases, the slots also include audio soundtracks that are appropriate and bring more life to the game-playing experience.

In 10 years of software development activities, this small software developer from the Czech Republic has introduced over 100 video slots. Rooster Dice Fury was formally released on November 11, 2022. By adding this slot to the developer's slot library, Endorphina's management has made it clear that they are most interested in targeting recreational slot players who just love to have fun.

While it's a subtle thing, the featured roosters are part of a cockfighting ring. It's a very different game theme that has not been used in the past by other software developers. The game matrix is set against the background of a battle ring where the rooster symbols will soon be battling for the best possible payouts.

How It Works?

And the battle begins. The gameplay matrix includes 3 reels, 3 rows, and a tidy 5 fixed pay lines. Note: this would be considered an unconventional gameplay matrix based on today's standards. With coin values that can range from $.01 per pay line up to a max of $15.00 per pay line, the cost per spin calculates out to a range of $.05 to $75.00.

In another unusual twist, Rooster Fury Dice doesn't have a conventional roster of symbols. What the game offers is seven (7) standard symbols, which are all represented by a dice # and a fighting rooster. There's the #1 green rooster/dice, #2 aqua rooster/dice, #3 blue rooster dice, #4 yellow rooster/dice, #5 orange rooster/dice, #6 purple rooster/dice, and the Chinese rooster/dice symbol. The latter is the highest-paying standard symbol.

While the slot does not feature a standard wild symbol during base spins, the scatter symbol (Rooster Fury logo) will serve as a wild symbol during the slot's primary special bonus feature.

Rooster Fury Dice RTP (Return-to-Player)

If slot players want to maximize their possible returns on investment, they need to select slots that have the highest "Return to Player" percentages. Return to Player or RTP refers to the percentage of each dollar wagered that will get returned to players over an extended period of time. Currently, the online casino industry average for video slots is right at 96%.

Rooster Fury Dice has been tested and comes with an RTP percentage of 96.05%, slightly above average. That means online slot players can expect to get that percentage of their money back if play this slot for hours, days, weeks, or months. The difference of 3.95% represents the online casino's house advantage.

For what it's worth, Rooster Fury Dice has high volatility. Translated: payouts are infrequent but tend to be large when they come.

Special Features

Rooster Fury Dice Bonus Game

Admittedly, Rooster Fury Dice doesn't offer much in the way of excitement during base spins. That lack of excitement comes from the slot's lack of a wild symbol. With that said, the slot does come with some very nice special features that help bring the slot to life.

Fight Between the Roosters Bonus Game: If the player lands three (3) scatter symbols, they will earn access to the "Fight Between the Roosters" bonus game. The game features six (6) cockfights. Each cockfight will consist of five (5) rounds (spins). Prior to the start of the cockfights, the player will be randomly assigned one of the fighting roosters to represent them during the cockfights. After the reels spin over the five rounds of a fight, the rooster that appears most on the reels in winning combinations wins the fight.

Note: During this bonus feature, the scatter symbol becomes a wild symbol that will substitute for any of the other symbols. If three scatters land during a fight, three (3) more rounds (spins) are added to the fight in process. This helps create bigger potential payouts.

With each fight that the player's rooster wins, the player gets an escalating multiplier that will get applied to the final total win amount from free spins. Multipliers are determined as follows:

  • Rooster wins one (1) fight = 6x multiplier
  • Rooster wins two (2) fights = 8x multiplier
  • Rooster wins three (3) fights = 10x multiplier
  • Rooster wins four (4) fights = 15x multiplier
  • Rooster wins five (5) fights = 20x multiplier
  • Rooster wins six (6) fights = 30x multiplier

Note: If the player wins no fights, the bonus feature ends with no payout going to the player.

Risk Game

After every win, players are given the option to play the "risk game." Should they choose to do so, five cards will appear on the screen. The first card is dealt face-up and represents the dealer's card. The player's objective is to select one of the other four (4) face-down cards and try to beat the dealer's card. If the player is successful, they double their winnings from the original spin. From the first time on, they can continue with the "double or nothing" option until they lost or decide to cash out their winnings. There are no limits to how many times they can attempt to double up.


Interesting game. From the base game only, Rooster Fury Dice doesn't seem to have much to offer. It's only when players start playing the game that they will realize there is more to this game than what meets the eye. In fact, the Fight Between the Roosters Bonus game is fun and exciting. It's a competitive feature that opens the door to some quite lucrative payouts.

The only knock against this slot is the low wagering limits. While that might limit the interest of a high rollers, it's very easy to recommend Rooster Fury Dice to recreational online slot players.