Viking Runecraft Bingo

Viking Runecraft Bingo

As the online casino industry continues to mature, software developers need to keep innovating new ways to stimulate the imaginations of players all over the world. With the introduction of Viking Runecraft Bingo, top software developer Play'n GO has shown that its developers are willing to reach for new heights.

While the title of this game would make someone believe this game stands as standard bingo fare, that is not the case with Viking Runecraft Bingo. In fact, this amazing game is built like a video slot concept while producing results like an online bingo game.

Viking Runecraft Bingo focuses on the heavily popular Norse God theme, a theme that centers on mythical Gods like Odin, Thor, Frey, and Heimdall. The game boar actually puts off a bit of a space-age vibe. Players won't find free spins here, but when they start looking inside, they will see a unique and exciting slot experience waiting for them. Continue reading and we will tell you all the features of this game and the best online casinos that offer this amazing slot.

Viking Runecraft Bingo: How It Works

The gameplay screen is nothing short of incredible. In the middle of the screen sits the bingo ball mixer and dropbox manned by the great God Ragnarok. The surrounding areas are occupied with four bingo cards, which are in play simultaneously at the player's discretion. At the very top sits the dropbox for extra bingo balls.

The minimum wager is 1 to 20 coins with a coin value of .01 up to a maximum of .10 per coin. The player can choose to play from one to four cars by controlling the toggle switch that sits at the top right of each bingo card. The winning payouts are based on completed bingo patterns.

The game is played with a total of 90 bingo balls. Each bingo card is designed as a 3x5 matrix. For the initial drawing, a total of 30 balls are dropped into the bottom dropbox with all applicable bingo cards marked accordingly. If no winning bingo patterns appear, the game ends and the player moves on to the next game. If a winning bingo pattern does appear, the player gets an option. They can cash out their winnings or purchase one additional bingo ball at a time up to a maximum of 13 additional bingo balls. The purchase of additional balls could lead to bigger payouts. Players can think of additional balls as free spins.

In all, there are a total of 12 winning bingo patterns. The largest payout is rewarded if the player fills an entire card, something called "a blackout" in bingo circles. Of the remaining winning bingo patterns, there is one other pattern of note. If a player fills all of the perimeter spaces on a card while leaving the middle three spaces open, they unlock access to an exciting bonus game (see below).

Viking Runecraft Bingo RTP

The "return to player" or RTP rating is the percentage of every dollar wagered that gets returned to the game's players over a long period. This game's RTP rating currently sits at 95.87%, which is just about average for a top online video slot game. Currently, Viking Runecraft Bingo plays as a high volatility game with fewer payouts but big payouts that could be worth the wait.

Special Features

Viking Runecraft Bingo features

Viking Runecraft Bingo is chalked full of interactive bonus games. As mentioned above, players can unlock access to the bonus game by marking the prescribed perimeter pattern on a single bingo card. When that happens, the player gets an opportunity to choose one of four interactive bonus games, each moderated by one of the following Norse Gods as follows:

GOD OF THUNDER for THOR: Player spins a wheel of fortune to determine the value of their winnings, which could result in winnings of up to 1000x the wager amount.

GOD OF WISDOM for ODIN: Player picks one from eight rocks to determine the value of their winnings, which could result in winnings of up to 1000x the wager amount.

GODDESS OF BEAUTY for FREYA: When five crystal balls appear, one ball is randomly revealed to determine the value of the winnings, which could result in winnings of up to 1000x the wager amount.

GOD OF VIGILANCE for HEIMDALL: from a group of seven spots, the player gets to pick two spots with the combination of the two spots being used to determine the value of their winnings. If the player selects the "Pick All" spot, the reward comes back at 1650x the wager amount.

The game's ultimate special feature is the Ragnarok game. The game is activated if the player covers a complete bingo card with the initial 30 balls while playing all four cards at a minimum wager of one coin per card. Once the game is activated, the player faces a 3x5 game matrix of 15 spots. The player proceeds to keep picking spots until they uncover three like symbols, which will result in a fixed prize amount. If the player matches three golden symbols, they are rewarded with 2065x the amount of the wager or the ultimate Ragnarok prize.

By the way, there is one remaining special feature. As players purchase extra balls, they might get a "Gift From the Gods" in the form of an extra free ball.


If you are looking for a unique slot playing experience, you don't have to look any further than Viking Runecraft Bingo. The shell of this game is sleek while the inside gameplay function is fun and exciting.

What's really interesting about this game is its appeal to both bingo and slot players.

At this point, this reviewer cannot identify anything that would suggest playing this game shouldn't be high on everyone's video slot playing bucket list.