Vikings Go to Valhalla

Vikings Go to Valhalla

The popular Vikings Go Series continues with Vikings Go to Valhalla. We have absolutely loved the previous slots and cannot wait to see what the new game has in store. Read a full review here and chase up to $1.1 million wins.

It would be an understatement to say that the Viking Go series is among the most popular video slot series within the entire online casino gambling community. In past games, Yggdrasil Gaming has allowed Gunnar and his band of Norse Viking Warriors to "Go Berserk" and "Go to Hell." This time, the Vikings will be going to Valhalla. Under the rule of Odin, Valhalla is a hall in Asgard where Viking heroes go after dying in battle. In Asgard, they work by day and night to make winners of slot players.

Vikings Go to Valhalla was introduced by the talented software developers at Yggdrasil Gaming in mid-March 28, 2022. Yes, the Vikings will be doing battle again on behalf of slot players in pursuit of big wins, this time against the snake king Jormungandr.

Vikings Go to Valhalla: How it Works?

As is the case with most slots from Yggdrasil, Vikings Go to Valhalla features a pretty basic slot format that includes 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 pay lines. The slot's minimum wager is $.01 per pay line or $.25 up to a maximum wager of $2.0 per pay line or $25. The maximum potential win is over 23,000x the amount wagered, which could result in a win of over $1.1 million.

The Vikings Go to Valhalla slot's low-paying symbols are represented by four Viking warriors while the higher paying symbols are represented by colored shields (gold, silver, bronze, and green).

In a game loaded with all kinds of special features, the wild and scatter symbols take on much more importance. In the Vikings Go to Valhalla slot, the wild symbol is represented by the "WILD" icon. It can be used to substitute for any of the slot's other standard symbols to create bigger wins. The WILD symbol will not serve as a substitute for the slot's scatter symbol, which is represented by the Dragon Free Spins icon.

Note: When playing Vikings Go to Valhalla, slot players will need to stay alert. Why? The action is always fast and furious.

Vikings Go to Valhalla RTP%

For slot players who are serious about winning, it is absolutely necessary that they research the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of every game they might consider playing. The RTP of any video slot is the audited and confirmed percentage of every dollar wagered that gets returned to the total population of a specific game's players over a long period of time. Based on industry standards, the average RTP on most top video slots is right around 95.75%

For Vikings Go to Valhalla, the tested and confirmed RTP is currently set at 96%. It's also worth noting that the slot's volatility rating is "high." That means players might not see many winning spins but when they see them, the associated returns will be above average.

VIkings go to Valhalla Bonus

Special Features

Yggdrasil made its mark in the online casino software development community by introducing fun and exciting slots that offer a wide range of special features. As is the case with the software developer's other Vikings Go slots, Vikings Go to Valhalla offers a great selection of special features. Let's start with the various free spins.

Free Spins: If players land free spins scatter symbols on 3, 4, or 5 reels, they will be awarded 7, 14, or 21 free spins, respectively. Prior to the start of the free spins round, there will be one special spin that determines whether on not players get one of five different possible bonuses. The potential list of bonuses includes:

  • Viking in Berserk mode
  • 1-2 extra free spins
  • A sticky wild in a random position
  • A sticky wild reel
  • An extra treasure chest on reel 5

Rage Meter & Berserk Respins: During base-game spins, the Viking symbols will appear on the reels. Every time that happens in sequences of 3, 4, or 5 symbols, the respective Viking will get "rage" points allocated to their game icon. The number of rage points allocated would be 1 point for 3 sequential symbols, 2 [points for 4 sequential symbols, or 3 points for 5 sequential symbols. When a particular Viking icon accumulates 16 points, it triggers a Berserk respin feature for the duration of the respins.

Ragnarok Free Spins: At random, players might get chosen to enjoy Ragnarok Free Spins. They might also get opportunities to purchase access to Ragnarok Free Spins. In both cases, players get 7 free spins with all 4 Vikings in Berserk mode. This often results in automatic winning battles and subsequent sticky wilds, which could lead to big jackpots.

Other Bonus Games:

Viking Battles: The Vikings Go series is famous for its Viking Battles feature. Yes, Viking Go to Valhalla offers the same bonus feature. Whenever a Viking hits during a non-base game spin, they will have to battle the king snake Jormungandr. If they win the battle, that Viking symbol will become a sticky wild for the remaining free spins. If they lose, the symbol remains a regular low-paying symbol. If the Vikings Berserk feature gets randomly initiated, the Viking automatically wins the battle.

Ragnarok Wheel: After players complete their free spins round, they get a chance to spin the Ragnarok Wheel. Depending on how the outer and inner wheels align, players will earn bonuses.

Treasure Chest: The Vikings Go to Valhalla slot offers a treasure chest symbol that only appears on reel 5. When the symbol appears during the base game, players get access to 1 of 3 bonus options:

  • Multiplier of 2x-500x the bet
  • 7 to 21 free spins
  • Ragnarok Free Spins


There is a reason why the Vikings Go series has become very popular with slot players all over the world. Simply put, the games are fun and exciting because of the presence of so many bonus features. Yes, Yggdrasil Gaming scores big again with Vikings Go to Valhalla. It's a stylish video slot that is more than suitable for slot players at all levels.