Wild Toro 2

Wild Toro 2

The most anticipated game sequel of the fall is here. Wild Toro is one of the most popular games of Elk Studios and they are finally continuing the saga with Wild Toro 2. Read a full review here and find out how the slot works.

As a struggling online casino software developer, Elk Studios began its search for a breakout video slot that would put the company in a position to become a player in the industry. That breakout slot came in 2016 with the introduction of Wild Toro. It didn't take long for online casino players to hear about the game and give it a look. Very quickly, interest in games from Elk Studios increased.

It should come as no surprise that an online casino software developer would eventually produce a sequel to the very video slot that put the developer on the map. That time has finally arrived in late 2021 with the unveiling of Wild Toro 2. To their credit, the software developers at Elk Studio took the better parts of Wild Toro, added a couple of new twists and a new camera to produce a very nice video slot game. Set in a Spanish city, the graphics, video features, and audio soundtrack are on par with some of the better video slots that are available today.

Wold Toro 2: How It Works

Wild Toro 2 features a unique game format. The base game matrix comes with 5 reels and 5 rows, which creates 259 ways for the slot player to win. However, there is a special feature (see below) that will expand the game matrix to 5 reels and 8 rows, which creates 502 ways for the slot player to win. The betting limits on Wild Toro 2 are .20 on the low end up to a max bet of 100.00 per spin. At the high end, the largest possible payout is 10,000x times the slot player's wager.

The low-paying symbols include the playing card symbol J through A. The higher paying symbols are represented by silver coins, gold coins, knifed oranges, and flowers. The highest paying symbol could return 5x the slot player's wager.

While Wild Toro is sans a scatter symbol, it does have several wild symbols. The basic wild symbol is the game logo, which acts as a substitute for any other symbols except the other wild symbols. The other wild symbols include the silver matador, the gold matador, and Toro the bull. These other wild symbols play a role in special features, which we will discuss later on.

Wild Toro 2 RTP%

Most slot players are aware of the RTP% concept. However, very few know what it actually means. The RTP% is the amount of every dollar wagered on a slot that is paid out by the slot over time. With a 95% RTP%, slot players should assume they will eventually lose 5% of every wager over time. The difference is the casino's advantage. Note: Wins are always a possibility.

The RTP% on Wild Toro 2 is 95% with a high volatility rating. Compared to the original Wild Toro, the RTP% is lower and the volatility rating is higher. That means fewer payouts for larger amounts.

Special Features


One of the things that players are going to enjoy about Wild Toro 2 is the fact the wild symbols are tied to some really fun and exciting special features. To make these features even more enjoyable is the fact they are tied to some amusing video/audio features that give the game a little extra juice.

The silver and gold matadors will ignite a special feature that actually gets a little complicated. The silver matador is an expanding wild symbol. The gold matador is also an expanding wild symbol that also produces a progressive multiplier (by 1) with every such matador that appears on the matrix.

In both cases, the matadors will expand one reel to the left, and respins are ignited. Each time a new matador appears on a respin, it expands the matrix by one row up to a maximum of 8 rows. That's when the player gets access to 502 ways to win. The expanding feature with respins will continue until all of the matadors have fallen off the matrix.

Toro the Bull produces the most exciting of the special features. When the symbol appears at the same time a matador appears, the Toro Goes Berserk feature is triggered. At that point, Toro the Bull charges across the matrix at the matador. With each cell the bull crosses, it leaves a wild symbol that can produce some really nice payouts.

Hidden in the game is a black matador. If the black matador appears during a respin, it acts to block cells as it charges the matador. That essentially takes away winning combinations.

Note: Wild Toro 2 does come with an ELK’s X-iter feature buy menu. This gives slot players the opportunity to purchase additional special features, including 100% Win, sticky wilds, basic bonus, big bonus, and super bonus.


The video and audio features make this game worth the price of admission. They are charming, amusing, and very entertaining. In most cases, slot players generally prefer slots with a scatter symbol that leads to an interactive bonus game. That's not available here. However, the complicated nature created by the plethora of wilds symbols keeps the game interesting and fun.

With Wild Toro 2, Elks Studio has scored another winner. Slot players can assume the company will soon be adding other entries into the Wild Toro series. That should be considered good news by players at all levels of experience.