Jammin Jars 2

Jammin Jars 2

This has truly been the year for sequels - not that we are complaining. This time the spotlight is focused on Jammin Jars 2 from Push Gaming. Let's find out more!

It's been 11 years since Push Gaming made its entry into the online casino software development community. While the company has not yet risen to the level of a major player in the industry, they have created a few notable video slots.

Most software developers will trudge along until they introduce the one video slot that gives the company status. For Push Gaming, that game was the original Jammin Jars (2017). Built around a disco music theme, the game has proven to be very popular with younger online slot players.

As someone might expect, Push Gaming has decided to expand on the success of Jammin Jars by introducing Jammin Jars 2. Jammin Jars 2 comes with all of the charm and excitement of the original with a few added twists included to give the game a more modern feel. While the graphics are somewhat ordinary, the game is really focused on the disco music audio soundtrack that inspires players to keep playing.

Jammin Jars 2: How It Works

Jammin Jars 2 features a unique game playing matrix that includes 8 reels and 8 rows. Since the game is built around the "cluster concept", the number of ways to win is irrelevant. What is relevant is slot players need to land a minimum of 5 connected symbols in a cluster before the payouts will start. As the number of symbols in a cluster rises, so does the value of the win.

The betting limits for Jammin Jars 2 start at .10 as the lowest wager up to a max wager of 100.00 per spin. The highest possible base jackpot is 1,000x times the wager, which really isn't very lucrative when compared to a lot of the industry's most popular video slots

The low-paying symbols are represented by fruits such as strawberry, orange, raspberry, apple, plum, and blueberry. For what it's worth, the strawberry is the highest-paying standard symbol. The only other symbol of note is the Jammin Disco Jar, which serves as the game's wild symbol. More on the Jammin Disco Jar in the special features section.

The one thing players will notice about the game playing process is the overabundance of activity within the matrix. Once a spin starts and the cascading begins, the Jammin Jar will be jumping all over the place. Slot players will need to be on their toes as the action takes place.

Jammin Jars 2 RTP%

The RTP% is the percentage of every amount wagered that a video slot will return to players over a long period. The difference between the RTP% and 100% is the casino's built-in advantage.

As indicated, the RTP% for Jammin Jars 2 is progressive. It goes up as the slot player collects more gold vinyl. The base RTP% is 96.1% with the possibility of increasing to a high of 96.4%. This is pretty much on par with most quality video slots.

Special Features


The real appeal of Jammin Jars 2 is the plethora of special features the game offers. Of course, the Jammin Disco Jar holds the key to the initiation of these special features.

As the game's wild symbol, the Jammin Disco Jar will serve as a substitute for all other symbols. Every time the Jar serves to complete a cluster of at least 5 symbols, the spin's multiplier goes up by 1. This is relevant because of the cascading activity that allows the Jar to help create multiple winning clusters within a single spin. Under the right circumstances, the multiplier could reach in excess of 10x the wager amount. That could produce some really nice payouts.

The next special feature of note is the fruit blast feature. After any collapsing cascade, a Jar might ignite a fruit blast. When this occurs, 1 to 3 blasts are made to change symbols to another fruit. This brings about the possibility of creating more wins.

If 3 or more Jammin Disco Jars appear after an initial spin, the player will get 6 free spins. Big wins become likely as the Jars stick to the matrix and increase the multiplier associated with each free spin.

The next special feature of note is the Gold Vinyl features. As gameplay continues, slot players will get opportunities to collect gold vinyl symbols. This is relevant because the game's RTP% increases at each of five gold vinyl levels. More on this is the next section. The objective is to collect at least 35 gold vinyl, which triggers the Giga Jar feature. Note: The feature will trigger at random after reaching the proper threshold.

The Giga Jar feature rewards slot players with 8 free spins across a modified matrix that only includes wild symbols, extra spins, and coins. With the right combination, the game's max payout could jump to 50,000x the wager. That makes the game intriguing.


It's worth noting that Jammin Jars 2 is a bit better than the original slot. Fans of the original should really love this version.

The real appeal of this game is the impressive list of special features. These features serve to help create big payouts and keep the action moving forward to the beat of some decent disco music.

If players are looking for great graphics and interactive bonus games, they will need to go elsewhere. If they want to have fun and a chance for a few big wins, Jammin Jars 2 is a video slot worthy of consideration.