Minotauros Dice

Minotauros Dice

Endorphina has published yet another thrilling slot: Minotauros Dice. Join the mythical creatures in search of big wins!

By all appearances, Endorphina is on a roll and trying to end the year 2022 in a big way. On November 14, 2022, the software developer released "Minotauros Dice." The release came just three (3) days after the developer released "Rooster Fury Dice" and a couple of days before they released "Wild Streak." That's three (3) new video slots coming to market at the same time. Not bad for a smaller online casino slot software developer that's trying to compete against the biggest software developers in the industry.

The Minotauros Dice slot is set in a labyrinth against a Greek mythological background. That's not surprising given the fact a Minotaur is a horrifying Greek mythological creature that has the head and tail of a bull with the body of a man.

Looking at this slot, it's fair to say that Endorphina has created an attractive slot that includes a mysterious audio soundtrack playing in the background.

Minotauros Dice: How it Works?

Minotauros Dice features a gameplay matrix that includes 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 different pay lines. Coin values per wager can range from $.01 per pay line on the low end and run up to $1.00 per pay line on the high end. That makes the base per-spin betting range on this slot between $.10 to $10.00. If a player so chooses, they can multiply their base per-spin bet by up to 5x, making the maximum allowable wager $50.00 per spin.

While Minotauros Dice does not offer access to a scatter symbol, the slot does come with 10 different standard symbols. The lower-paying standard symbols are represented by dice numbers one (1) through six (6). The four (4) higher-paying standard symbols are represented by a dice connected to a skein, a dice connected to a labyrinth, and the ancient Greek mythological characters Persephone and Theseus.

The slot's only special symbol is the wild symbol, which is represented by the Minotaurus. The wild symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and when it does appear, it appears stacked across all three rows. The wild symbol will be used to substitute for all other symbols to create more winning combinations.

Minotauros Dice RTP (Return-to-Player)

Each video slot is put through an audit and testing process to determine the fairness of the slot before it's released to waiting online casinos. During the testing process, the auditing firms can determine the slot's "Return to Player" or RTP percentage.

The RTP represents the percentage of each dollar wagered that a slot will return over the slot's lifetime. Based on industry data, the average RTP is about 96%. That's right in line with the Minotaurus Dice RTP percentage, which is set at 96.04% Based on this percentage, players know the casino's advantage is 3.96%.

As for volatility, the slot is rated as highly volatile. That means the winning combinations won't come often but when they do, they will tend to be larger payouts.

Special Features

Minotauros Dice Bonus Pop Feature

Without a scatter symbol in the mix, it's hard to imagine what Minotauros Dice would have in the offering in regard to special features. Surprisingly, the slot does have two special features that could lead the way to decent payouts.

The Minotaur Re-Spins Feature: When the Minotaurus wild symbol appears on one or more reels (reels 2 through 4), the symbol will lock in place and initiate the re-spins feature. When the re-spins feature starts, it will continue until there is a winning re-spin. Each time there isn't a winning re-spin, the multiplier will increase 1x, starting at 1x. Whatever the final multiplier ends up being, it will be applied to the winning amount.

Note: There is no limit to how high the multiplier can go. It's also noteworthy that landing the Minotaurus wild on the 4th reel would be optimum in terms of creating big wins.

Risk (Gamble) Game Feature: If players aren't satisfied with their initial winnings from any winning spin or re-spin, there's a way they can try to increase their winnings. The "Risk (Gamble) Game" game affords players the opportunity to go "double or nothing" on their entire winnings. With a 50/50 chance, the special feature works like this.

The game starts with two covered windows. The player is required to choose one. If they hit the Ariadne symbol, they win, and their winnings are doubled. If they hit the Minotaurus symbol, they lose and go bust.

If players win the first time, they can choose to go again. They will have the opportunity to go double or nothing up to five (5) times. If at any time they decide they don't want to continue risking their winnings, they can claim a payout by clicking on the TAKE WIN button.


Minotauros Dice is a pleasant slot. It's an attractive game with an audio soundtrack that supports the mood of the slot. Admittedly, there is not much in the offering in terms of special features. However, the Minotauros Re-spins feature could offer big returns if the multiplies get the chance to grow. As for the Risk Game, real gamblers and risk-takers will enjoy having opportunities to secure big wins. While the low betting limits are probably a bit restrictive for experienced "high rollers," there is plenty of substance here for novice and recreational slot players.