Need for X

Need for X

Onlyplay has been leading the way when it comes to crash games. Their latest release, Need for X, combines the thrill of racing with crash mechanics to create one of the best crash games of 2023.

Need for X is among the five crash games Onlyplay has currently launched. It comes with the highly regarded Infinity Play function that allows players to continue the game for as long as they want - instead of having to restart it after every session. During our initial test, this feature was one of our favorites since it made the experience much more effortless.

So if you are looking for a simple but yet vastly entertaining gambling experience, you might want to take a closer look of Need for X.

Need for X: How It Works?

The great thing about crash games is that they are very easy to understand. The goal is to keep playing long enough to achieve the best conceivable result - but not for so long that your ”crash” and lose the game. So it is all about timing (and pure luck) when it comes to these games!

Need for X takes us behind the wheel of a racing car to compete agains other players. So it’s kind of like Fast & Furious but as a crash game. The game has two different lanes and you can change your line by either clicking on the ”turn left” or ”turn right” buttons. The game starts when you choose your bet and click on the ”bet” button.

While you are driving, you’ll notice different boxes on both lanes. These boxes either contain multipliers or bombs. If you hit a multiplier, the winning amount increases. But if you run into a bomb, that particular session ends. Whenever during the game, you can click the ”take” button and claim your current wins.

Once the session ends (either with a win or a loss), you can immediately start another one if you wish. Infinity Play ensures that you only need to press the ”bet” button again to start the game. You will not be thrown out or forced to restart the game.

Play Together with Other Players

Need for X avatars

The great thing about Need for X is that it’s a multiplayer game. So in addition to you driving your car on the lanes, there are other players too (their cars appear slightly faded so you will easily recognize your own). During the game session so players will disappear from the screen as they either lose the game or claim their wins.

In addition to your on results, you can also see how other players have been doing in the recent rounds. There is also an emoji panel included so players can share their emotions after a successful - or not that successful round.

And last but not least, you can create your own avatar to reflect our own personality! How cool is that?

Need for X RTP (Return-to-Player) and Volatility

Let’s quickly look at some technical details of the game. Need for X is a medium volatility game with an RTP of 95%. So it is a pretty standard crash game when it comes to statistics.

The minimum bet while playing is $1 and the maximum bet is set to $50. The game has no set maximum win since the session can last for quite some time.

It is possible to preset a specific win multiplier level - and when that level is reached, the wins will be cashed in automatically. So let’s say you set this level to 3x: once that point is reached, the game will withdraw the current win amount. You can set the level as high as 100x.

Need for X Review

Crash games have been pretty much the same for a while: planes flying and dropping. Enter: Onlyplay. Whenever they launch a new crash game, it always comes with an interesting theme and fun special features. Need for X manages to avoid all the pitfalls of regular crash games. It both looks good and is entertaining to play. Race driving is a great theme for this type of game and the bright neon colored game grid looks really cool.

The game itself is so simple. So even if you have not played crash games before, you will pick it up in a minute. Need for X also comes with a detailed explanation on how the game works so no misunderstandings can happen.

Need for X is a good choice for mobile players as well. Since the game lobby itself is very simple, it is easy to use with a smaller screen as well. The button are big enough which means there won’t be accidental misclicks.


Need for X is an excellent crash game. The basic crash mechanics that players love are there but there is also something completely new: the Infinity Play. It was one of our personal favorite features and definitely makes the gambling experience smoother.

The social aspects of the game are also top notch. When you are playing a racing game with other players, the ability to react to other players events is a really cool idea. So points for that as well!